Bobby 2.3

Yes I know this is a day late… but I’m backdating it, so it will appear in order I guess.

I’ve been contemplating setting up a facebook or twitter for Bobby to use either in conjunction with or instead of this monthly wrap-up.  I just don’t take the time to sit down and write out all the things he’s been up to anymore and the benefit of those two sites is that I could just do quick little things and then if I want, at the end of the month, I could copy the list here and add in the photos.

So here’s my feeble attempt at a list of the awesomeness that is Bobby Hurricane:

  • when I put him to bed (it’s usually Brent) and I say goodnight and I’m about to leave, he grabs my hand, puts it to my chest and says "No mommy, stay and lay with me".  He obviously wins.
  • If he does something ‘bad’ he says "It’s funny" like that makes everything ok.
  • If we say he can’t do something, he keeps asking "Can I?" and making purposefully cute faces.
  • Reverse psychology is our best friend. "Do NOT be a good boy!" "I WILL be a good boy!!!!"
  • When he doesn’t want to do something himself he says "I’m too little"
  • Is obsessed with playing musical instruments (music classes are starting next Saturday)
  • Is REALLY into watching this video:
  • And he sings it into any protrusion he can pretend is a microphone. He also Air Fiddles to it.

    "I’m getting ready!"
    Getting ready

    "Do you like my hat?"
    Like my hat?

    At the Sens Fest for Brent’s birthday
    In the stands at Sens Fest

    Watching the big boys play hockey

    Just got his baloon animal
    They also were in a 30 second news clip while they were down by the glass. I can’t figure out how to link that here though, so you’ll just have to trust me.

    A closeup of the circus elephant balloon Circus Elephant on painkillers

    Playing Super Mario with Brent
    Playing Super Mario with Daddy

    On this day:

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