In mid-November we are moving into my in-laws’ place.  I know what you are thinking.  What tragic circumstance is this???  Well it’s actually a good thing!  They will be living out of town due to work for the next 3 ish years but don’t want to seel their house or rent to strangers so we are selling out place and moving into theirs and will only need to pay utilities and property tax which is a SWEET DEAL let me tell you.  We will be saving a ton of cash during that time and when they move back we will take those savings to put towards our 25 year home.

The only drawbacks are that we can’t paint so it will look a little disjointed with our furniture and that there isn’t really much gardening space so container gardening will have to be my thing.

The major plus to this is that it’s a 4 bedroom house and we will be needing an extra bedroom some March 6th if you know what I mean. Plus for my year off of mat leave we won’t need to struggle due to my reduced income since we won’t have a mortgage to pay.  Right now I’m mid-way through my 3 week vacation with Bobby.  I’m nauseous and tired but we’re trying to get out and have fun every day. More on that tomorrow!

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