Food Revolution Friday

You can’t make EVERYTHING from scratch can you?  If there’s something you can’t make from scratch, does that mean you just shouldn’t eat it?  What do you think?

I’m specifically thinking about the summer BBQ – hot dogs.  Hot dogs are horrible for you.

I’ve compared the nutritional data for regular hot dogs and some veggy dogs.  The results may surprise you.  The ‘regular’ hot dog has gross things like "mechanically separated chicken, pork and beef" and a couple of random chemicals but not much else in the disgusting zone.  Although you know what mechanically separated meat is right? Basically anything that isn’t a bone.  YUCK!

Now the veggy dogs.  They had a couple of mystery ingredients:  hydrolyzed corn and soy protein, torula yeast, dextrose.  I don’t know what those are.  They also had a higher salt content than the meat dogs.  On the other hand, they had no fat and cholesterol or gross tendons and veins in them.

Another thing I noted about the veggy dogs is that they were basically a vitamin tube.  Which is a good thing I think. I mean, if you are going to be eating hot dogs anyways, you might as well get all your vitamins.

So what say you?  Is it better to choose the slightly higher in salt and probably all around healthier veggy dog, or should I try to find some equally easy, fun, yummy BBQ alternatives?  On that note, this recipe for home made veggy dogs looks promising…  maybe a vacation challenge!

This post is part of Food Revolution Friday

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9 Comments on “Food Revolution Friday”

  1. i dont eat meat anymore, so of course i would say veggie dog. salt content isnt bad….it’s used as a preservative…which means that the veggie dog contains a lot of things that would otherwise perish ultra fast, like vegetables. of course, no “veggie(mean replacement product here)” product is perfect, i prefer the taste most deffinitely.

  2. superfrayed says:

    I had veggie dogs for dinner last night! It’s funny because I often make my own veggie burgers but I’ve never even thought of making my own dogs. I might have to try it next time.
    But I would say go with the veg dogs and just limit your salt intake for the rest of the day. But I also don’t eat meat anymore so there’s no way I would ever eat a non-veggie dog.

  3. utsi says:

    if i have to eat something if that nature i tend to go the sausage route. many sizes & varieties. i just make sure i know the butcher that makes them. nice oportunity to learn more about various cultral cuisines
    i usually prefer my meat to look like meat. seldome do ground either. it’s a hiding pit for all sorts of things & hazards. i opt for TVP in my pasta sauce when i choose to go there. perhaps a tad strange. or i will get the butcher to grind a piece specifically for me.

  4. We really enjoy elk sausage, tastes really really great, something different, lower fat, lower cholesterol than beef, much better than hot dogs. There are several local elk farms too so you can pick up elk products at the Ottawa Farmers Market at Lansdowne Park, and other places locally as well.
    Not really for BBQ, but they also make elk pepperoni which we just tried on home made pizza this past week and it was great, a nice change from a typical pizza recipe.

    • tianadargent says:

      But they are cased in intestines!!!

      • You don’t want anything to go to waste. 😉 You are a vegetarian aren’t you so you wouldn’t eat hot dogs either right? I’m just saying that we enjoy quality sausage much more than hot dogs. I’m sure there are some intestines that get ground into hot dogs as well.
        Is there something specific about intestines that you don’t like or just that you think intestines are more gross compared to the muscle of an animal?

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