Food Revolution Friday

You can’t make EVERYTHING from scratch can you?  If there’s something you can’t make from scratch, does that mean you just shouldn’t eat it?  What do you think?

I’m specifically thinking about the summer BBQ – hot dogs.  Hot dogs are horrible for you.

I’ve compared the nutritional data for regular hot dogs and some veggy dogs.  The results may surprise you.  The ‘regular’ hot dog has gross things like "mechanically separated chicken, pork and beef" and a couple of random chemicals but not much else in the disgusting zone.  Although you know what mechanically separated meat is right? Basically anything that isn’t a bone.  YUCK!

Now the veggy dogs.  They had a couple of mystery ingredients:  hydrolyzed corn and soy protein, torula yeast, dextrose.  I don’t know what those are.  They also had a higher salt content than the meat dogs.  On the other hand, they had no fat and cholesterol or gross tendons and veins in them.

Another thing I noted about the veggy dogs is that they were basically a vitamin tube.  Which is a good thing I think. I mean, if you are going to be eating hot dogs anyways, you might as well get all your vitamins.

So what say you?  Is it better to choose the slightly higher in salt and probably all around healthier veggy dog, or should I try to find some equally easy, fun, yummy BBQ alternatives?  On that note, this recipe for home made veggy dogs looks promising…  maybe a vacation challenge!

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