Today little Bobby hurricane is two years old.  It’s amazing how his perception of the world has changed and how much of it he grasps seemingly out of nowhere.  One day we were at the park and I tickled him as he came down the slide and we both got a static shock.  I ignored it but he said "You got a shock Mommy?"  Where did that come from???

He also has taken to making up elaborate tales of wonder and his stream of consciousness is amazing.  It is seriously MAGICAL to be looking at the world through his eyes and my heart bursts every day.

  • Went to Great Wolf Lodge
    • would crouch down in the water until it was chest high, stick his arms in front of him and waddle around saying “look at me swim!”
    • went down a big waterslide and was terrified
  • Tells me to ‘read slowly’
  • Sleeping fully through the night has become the norm as opposed to the exception
  • We were in the backyard and Bobby saw a dog poo that had been missed.  He said “Bernie pooed that. It came out of his poop factory”
  • Knows how to throw on the charming smiles when he really really wants something. Usually it’s for sausage of all things.
  • Is obsessed with planes “aeloplanes”
  • It’s ALL about reverse phychology now. “Don’t go into your bed!”
  • Told me he was going to pee on the potty and then he did!
  • Described a dream for the first time “ There was a bunny. Went into the bus stop.  Went for a ride. Go around and around.”
  • A lot of “Watch me!” “See this?” “Look at that!”

He came into his second year with a bang. 

On Friday I had the day of work so we went downtown on the City Bus.  He was nervous at first but got into it about halfway there. He rang the bell when it was time to get off and said "Bye!" to the bus driver and waved as he drove off.  He has been talking about it ever since.  Then we spent the morning finding water fountains in parks, relaxing in a coffee shop and spending over 2 hours at an awesome playground.  He got his hair cut at the salon with Brent, had indian buffet for lunch then we all went into the car to drive to Toronto where he got to spend the evening playing with his cousins.

On Saturday his three cousins went to a big park with him where the traditional game of "Bobby Run" was played.  It’s basicaly tag but Bobby is always it.  Everyone loves it.  In the afternoon it was wedding time. He got gussied up in his best golf course outfit and was ready to party.  He was a dance machine and was making lots of friends.  He got LOTS of compliments on his hat and SERIOUSLY had a dance off with this one guy.  Sadly I didn’t get a decent photo of that.  He partied until 11:15 then crashed.

On Sunday we went to a BBQ for the betrothed couple with lots of extended family around. Bobby splashed in the pool and was being all around adorable. He came inside with me to relax a bit when he fell off the couch and smashed his forehead into the metal corner on a coffee table. There was gushing blood and I just yelled for help over and over until my brother in law came to help and put a compress on it. 

Aside:  My brother in law has that thing where the sight of blood makes him pass out and he overcame it and helped immediately and I’m so grateful.

Brent, his Aunt (it was her place) and I took Bobby to her clinic where she pretended Bobby was her gransdon so he could go in and get stitches.  I had to leave the room because the nurse told me how most kids react and what I’;d have to do (pin him down etc) and I didn’t think I could take it.  So Brent, on father’s day, did the deed with such grace.  He told me that when it was done, Bobby said "Thank you" to the doctor and the nurse.  Imagine that!  On the drive back he told me his dragon (whom we brought for comfort) felt all better now because of the nice doctor.  We went back to the BBQ and he partied for another 2 hours before we headed for home.  He’s a trooper.

He now has 4 stitches on the bridge of his nose that need to come out the day of his big birthday party.

Some light yardwork


He found his old soother, which he never used, and decided now was a good time to start
All of a sudden he 'gets' the soother

Kicking off the long weekend

Coming back from the Great Glebe Garage Sale

I think this will be one of my all time favorite photos of him
Perfectly Summer

He loves fountains
"It shoot up!"

This is what he does when it shoots up
Reaction to water shooting up

mall fun

Mall fun

Isn't this where you eat all your snacks?

And another favorite
Where am I?

We went to my cousin’s house for her daughter’s b-day. Bobby now calls this his Horsey Hat.
He now calls this his horsey hat

Moments before stepping on Brent’s face
Slam dunk!

Nothing better than splashing in a puddle

Showing off the cookies he made (he did most of the work for real)
Eating the cookies he made

We have wild strawberries growing in the front yard and he checks for ripe ones when he gets home from daycare. He eats them all.
Eating some wild strawberries

He told me he had to go and he went! He still talks about this. "There was a poo and a pee in the potty. I flush it DOWN THE BIG TOILET!" After 3 more days of successfull potty use, he now refuses to sit on it. *shrug*
A poo and a pee!

He came to my office’s first annual family picnic and took part in the watermelon eating competition
How much do I have left to go

Checking out the competition

My hands are sticky!

Water fountain at Confederation Park
We stopped at a fountain

Water fountain at City Hall
And another fountain

Playing at St-Luke’s Park with toys that are left for all kids to play with ( I wish my neighbourhood did that. Here parent’s get the stink eye if your kid tries to play with their kids’ toys)
At St-Luke's Park

Ready to go to the wedding
Ready to go to the wedding

At the reception
Driving the golf cart

Ready to eat
Ready to eat

First on the dance floor in his jammers
Let's get this party started!

His favorite dance partner was definitely Nanny
Dancing with Nanny

All conked out on Hana. Later on the drive back home he said he liked her and he said what I thought sounded like "She all chest" which may or may not be what he was saying but that’s all we could figure out.
Snoozing on Hana

On this day:

In 2009 – Bobby turns one!
In 2008 – I give birth!
In 2007 – There was dog poo on my shoe
In 2006 – Wedding Bullies
In 2005 – The beginning of my love affair with Colon Cleanses

4 Comments on “2 YEARS OLD!”

  1. corto says:

    well… the poop one is a definite for the slide show at his wedding.
    Thanks for sharing. These were a nice visit with the little guy, er… big guy. 😀

  2. photogfrog says:

    I love the first pic of him eating watermelon!
    Happy Birthday Bobby!!

  3. lyndszy says:

    I love the watermelon pics, they are precious. I find the 2’s to be the beginning of my fave kid years. They are so wacky and wonderful and so full of personality. It’s awesome.

  4. metahara says:

    lucky boy, lucky mom, lucky dad- ya’ll are doing a great job!

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