23 months – almost TWO!

I only got new batteries in my camera a few days ago…

-steals the long handled strainer from the cabinet. covers his face and belts out Oh Canada in it’s entirety (not when cameras are rolling. I’ve tried hiding the camera to get this and no luck yet)
-has started helping with cooking by standing on a chair at the kitchen island and stirring things, flattening cookie balls, pouring measured ingredients into bowls etc.
-can be ‘tricked’ into doing things if I make it seem like I really need his super awesome help “I really know you want to run down the street into that giant puddle but Mummy has all these groceries and really needs you to help. Can you go open the front door?” “Yes I help Mummy. So helpful!” 98% of the time, it works every time!
-can tell where we are going on car rides by landmarks now
-closed a book on his penis while sitting on the potty
-climbs up on everything
-if I’m singing along to his music he says “no mommy don’t say it!”
-fully weaned
-partially potty trained
-on Mother’s day weekend his Nanny (Brent’s mom) wanted a family portrait so she booked us at the Walmart photo place.  They have one of those “choose an animal shaped carcass and we’ll stuff it for you” deals and Bobby chose a green and purple dragon.  They are now best buds who take turns on the potty, share snacks and sleep snuggling each other
-has these translucent handkerchiefs that he calls parachutes and could play with them for HOURS
-has some new French music to listen to and can sing along to  a bunch of stuff.  This is my lazy way of teaching him the language.

Helping in the Kitchen

Lazy version of kiddy pool

Cooling off the toes


2 Comments on “23 months – almost TWO!”

  1. meeni_milk says:

    Ah he is so freakin’ cool!
    I never really like kids, but at this age he seems ace.

  2. metahara says:

    Bravo, Mamma!
    You are doing such a great job!

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