Workout stuff – half fashion, half the other stuff.

 For Christmas, Brent got me some very swanky lululemon workout clothes.  He got exactly what I wanted, in exactly the size I told him would fit.  Unfortunately, I didn’t actually go try the stuff on first.  I just assumed they had accurate sizing.  So it doesn’t fit and they are sold out of the exact stuff I have so I have to wait until they get their new shipment to find something comparable.

Now the REASON why I wanted this stuff? My sports bra is very supportive and comfortable.  You would think this is good, and it is! But there is an evil downside.  It hold sweat in and is totally disgusting. I just feel totally gross and I really wanted something breathable.  After looking into a few different options, I settled on a lululemon tank with built in bra made of breathable materials.  Brent got one of those and the matching shorts. Hurrah!

So I’ll go in on my lunch break when I go back to work next week and try to find something suitable.

So I’ve been working out regularly and I’ve even gone in to the gym over the holidays.  I tried out a bunch of new stuff I wanted to attempt and I’m going to try a new routine.

Previously I’ve been alternating between one day cardio and one day weight training (40-45 minutes each).  Now I’m going to do a 3 day routing, each starting with 15-20 minutes cardio and the rest of the time being made up with weight training.  My primary resource for instruction in  I find the advice there very sensible and reading all the back entries has really motivated me.

As you may remember, I was previously agonizing over shoes and what kind I needed for the gym without me looking like a douche.  Well apparently, CHUCKS are pretty much the most suitable shoe for the workouts I’m up to.  The only cardio I do is on the elliptical, bikes or rowing machines so impact absorption isn’t an issue there and it’s actually an impediment for things such as full squats etc.

But do chucks really go well with lululemon shorts and tanks?  

Let the debate begin!!

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2 Comments on “Workout stuff – half fashion, half the other stuff.”

  1. damedini says:

    Chucks MAKE the lululemon outfit. Totally. Don’t forget wild-colored socks!

  2. damedini says:

    Chucks MAKE the lululemon outfit. Totally. Don’t forget wild-colored socks!

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