A good week

 From now on, I want to take every Wednesday off of work.  It makes the week go like this:

Monday, Friday, Mini weekend. Monday, Friday, Regular weekend.  LOVE IT.

So we lazed about the house Wednesday morning.  We skipped breakfast to save lots of room for lunch.  We went tot he market about an hour before lunch time to wander around and I saw a coffee table that I have been in love with for YEARS (the Noguchi Table if you want to google it).  It’s a classic and it was on sale for half price.



I have some back pay coming my way by the end of January so Brent put down the down payment and I’ll pay off the rest when it arrives (which is supposed to be the end of January. Is that fate or what???)  That alone put me in a great fantastic mood.

We had a wonderful LONG lunch and then went to go see the hospital lottery prize home.  I don’t know, it doesn’t sound as super as it was… I totally took days like that for granted before I had released my spawn.

So then a couple of days went by and we come to today.  Today Brent took Bobby out for a few hours.  They were to go to the dino museum but it’s still closed until next week (at which time they will return) and I took that time to do some painting.  It was ALSO awesome.

The thing I value most in my life (other than those I love) is TIME.  Time with no demands on my person.

What do you value most?

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