I’m not obsessed with my weight, despite what impression this post may give you

 My scale is a piece of fucking shit.

It’s a digital scale I bought about 4 years ago at The Bay. I paid about $40.00 for it.  Basically you tap it with your tow and when it’s reads all zeros you get on and in a few seconds it tells you your weight.

I’ve known it’s been a bit off for some time now but I figured that the extent of the problem was that it told me I was a few pounds lighter than I actually was.  Turns out, this thing is just fruit loops.

Last night I got on to see what the Thanksgiving Damage was.  I weighed in at 124.7 lbs and was shocked!  I haven’t weight that little since much before pregnancy (according to this danged scale).  After that I went straight to bed, no water, no snacks.

Between that time weighing myself and weighing myself in the morning (because I just didn’t quite believe the scale last night) I peed twice, and nursed twice and didn’t ingest ANYTHING.  In the morning I weighed 127.8 lbs  I’m not unhappy with that but let me just tell you something;

It’s physically impossible to gain 3.1 lbs when you ingest nothing.  The only people who could put this scale to use are those who think physics is a bunch of non sense.

The scale at the gym is one of those doctor-type ones and is perfectly accurate thank god (and neither of my scales two weights were correct)  but I hate weighing myself just after having eaten lunch.

On this day:

In 2008 – 
In 2007 – wow.  I wish I could have more days like that!
In 2006 – rape
In 2005 – back when I lived in the KFC delivery zone… and still ate that crap


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