15 months

  • Walks around without being incited to, but still can’t go more than 5 feet before he collapses.
  • Catches balls
  • He is positive he is having a conversation but no one can tell what he is saying except other babies
  • Is REALLY into his penis
  • Has a fondness for giving the pets crushing bear hugs
  • Says:
    • car (cah)
    • apple (ammle)
    • spoon (sboo)
    • banana (nana)
    • cracker (craw)
    • choo choo
    • hammer (hamah)
    • penis/wiener (neenoh)
    • vroom
  • Goes down a slide unassisted – but needs to be caught at the bottom of certain models
  • Had ketchup… you know how this ends
  • Tries to put on his shoes and socks by placing them on the tops of his feet.
  • Walked all the way to the mail box and back. Stopped to pick crab apples and crush dry leaves under his feet.

First taste of ketchup
First taste of ketchup

I have a FOOTBALL!!!
I have a football!!!!

Think think think that’s all I do!

Hmmm I see...

Who me?
Who me?

Sunday Sweats
Sunday Sweats

Go Sports!
Go Sports!



Just a-swinging mah legs
Just a swinging my legs!


walking… no hands!
Walking with hands up - the usual

Red Hot Whistle
Red Hot Whistle

Love the kitty
Love the kitty

Bobby’s New Word


Call out for art.

I need art for my house! Give me links to art you like.  I’ve been browsing the internet and nothing has really stopped me in my tracks so far.

Also, someone in my reader posted a link in the last month or so about vinyl wall decals of the alphabet where each letter had an animal (whose name starts with that letter) with it.  I forgot to bookmark the page and now I can’t find it.  It was solid-colour and it wasn’t on Etsy.  Any ideas?

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