Vacation day six

 Spent the day sick in bed.  

Puke (in the bathtub)
Back to bed

Poor Brent only got 2 hours sleep because he kept getting emergency calls for work and then he had to spend the day taking care of me and the baby (not sick, but takes a lot of work for one person).  The worst part for him was that today was supposed to be man-day for his friend’s bachelor party.  There was golf, a BBQ then going out to party.  He made it to the BBQ but had to bring Bobby with him so I guess you could say Bobby went to his first bachelor party tonight!

I slept like the dead the whole time he was gone and felt somewhat better when I woke up.  I was finally able to eat at about 8pm.

What I’ve eaten today:
-1/2 of a plum (Bobby ate the other half and called it a ball the whole time)
-a small bowl of blueberries
-one slice of multigrain toast with butter
-5 glasses of cran-raspberry juice

That’s all folks!

Now subtract the puking and the nursing and I bet I’ve lost 10 lbs today!

On this day:

In 2008 – 
In 2007 – cranium champion
In 2006 – ass kicking
In 2005 – It kind of looks like that company went no where


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