work out shoes research

Shoes to check out prices/fit etc.

(note that I’m trying my best to avoid fugly shoes)



Adidas (hopefully this comes in anything other than pink):

I assume these are all super pricey.  Any other suggestions?

On this day:

In 2008 – this happened to me again recently and I totally called the person out on it.
In 2007 – most of this entry no longer applies
In 2006 – 
In 2005 – rehearsal dinner for naughty_bride’s wedding

3 Comments on “work out shoes research”

  1. thebookpile says:

    Not a specific suggestion, but I’d just say that for workout/running shoes, go with the pair that feels good and offers good support, regardless of how they look (within price range, of course).

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would recommend going somewhere like Sports Check or Sports 6 (on bank/laurier). They have good advice there. I would recommend picking up a crosstrainer if you’re going to the gym and doing different type of exercises.
    Every where I went, they recommend Under Armour. I didn’t like the style of them, so I went with some Nike’s. No complaints. I did put orthotics in them to give me more support.

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