12 Months – The Birthday Edition

So Bobby is a year old today and we had a super fun birthday party for him. Unfortunately, that means that tomorrow I drag my ass back to work. Booourns!

On to the new cute stuff he does!

  • tries to turn my head to show me something
  • puts his food in my mouth
  • takes all the paper out of Brent’s recycling bin
  • has favorite things (prefers one book to another and wants me to read it over and over for example)
  • hands things to me when he wants me to do something with it (ring a bell, blow a whistle, read a book, etc)
  • turns the pages of his board books
  • had rubella
  • started day care part time
  • we’re pretty sure he said “noodle”
  • follows simple instructions (sit down, don’t touch that, wait etc)
  • completed his first set of swimming lessons. The last class was wave pool day and he floated on his back in a life jacket as the waves came on and he was as happy as can be.
  • took one whole step all on his own
  • Official first word “No” Other words: “Yeah” “Don’t” – said as Donn
  • walks along furniture
  • goes up the stairs standing up (while holding someone’s hands)
  • Can point to the things you tell him to find (Where’s Percy? etc)
  • got his 7th tooth

Cleaning up around the house

All I do is work around here!

Doing his taxes
Just sorting the taxes

Red on top and blonde on the sides
Oh, hello!

Hello up there!


Morning hair
I'm outta here!

Oh yeah, I got a hair cut
Back to work haircut.


The cake (really it was banana oat molasses bread with ganache on top)… and a filthy stove
Mama Owl

Baby owl
Baby Owl

First car – it’s a lease
First Car - it's a lease

Singing the birthday song
Happy Birthday!

Playing peekaboo with the innards of the baby owl

Sooo messy!
ohhhh I'm messy

Boppin up and down in my little red wagon – and a change of clothes
Boppin up and down in my little red wagon

Tyrone tests it out
Tyrone goes for a ride

I'm standing!

First beer
Baby's first beer


a Boo!


On this day:

In 2008 – I gave birth!
In 2007 – I wore shoes with dog poo on them
In 2006 – Registry boring stuff
In 2005 – Oh poo pills how I miss you!



15 Comments on “12 Months – The Birthday Edition”

  1. photogfrog says:

    He is a very handsome little guy!

  2. nyxie says:

    Happy birthday Bobby!
    We haven’t been LJ friends long, but it feels like yesterday you were just announcing his birth! I’m sure it feels even faster for you. Hope your first day back at work is good. 🙂

  3. bobby has amazing hair coloring. and the cakes you made look delicious and cute!
    also: your haircut is great!
    also II: Happy Birthday to Bobby!

  4. vonandmoggy says:

    Oh wow…he’s adorable. And you can totally see what he’s going to look like as an older boy in that “peek” picture, somehow. 🙂
    Good luck back at (blah) work!

  5. rachaeldoss says:

    Ok, you look SUPERSKINNY.
    ALSO – That cake? It is full of awesome. It is cute and sounds delicious and is probably way better for him than the cake my kid will get. LOL
    I bet this year really flew by :-/

    • tianadargent says:

      The pounds MELT off once you have to chase a kid around and keep him out of everything. That’s a definite PLUS to not baby proofing anything.
      Baby proofing is the LAZY way to parent ;P

  6. rinni says:

    Happy birthday to Bobby! That’s so cool how his hair’s blonde on the sides and red on top. 😀

  7. Happy Birthday Hurricane!
    Wow, that cake looks super good (and great design). Good luck with your first day back at work.

  8. clivec says:

    The cute-o-meter is officialy broken. 🙂
    Nice hair cut.

  9. Happy Birthday Bobby!
    I was in the vilest of vile moods, but this masterpiece of adorable fun has made me feel joy.
    First- you look fucking fierce in that picture. Love the hair, love the view, love the modeling with the eyes.
    Second- he talks????? That is great. Noodle? Do you have any video of this?
    Third- Tyrone in the wagon stole my crazy dog lady heart.

  10. fireladie says:

    Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  11. You have one beautiful little boy- and I love the owl cake and the new haircut!

  12. Question-
    Quick question- what is the color of your wall in the photo of your new haircut? We are re-painting our living room and I really like that color. I know you haven’t recently painted it, so I realize you may not remember the name.
    Thank you!

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