Apparently, we don’t need to go into quarantine

 So it turns out Bobby’s major case of teething is actually rubella, which, by the way, he’s supposed to be vaccinated against in 2 weeks.  WAY TO GO TIMING.

I still think that he’s teething though since it looks like there are some chompers coming.  I’m relieved that this is not how bad he’ll get every time he gets new teeth though.

So I only found this out after picking him up from day care today (which went fine., he went for 2 hours, he’ll be there longer next time and so on until he goes a full day) and he had a rash!  

Turns out, rubella seems like a bad cold or something and then the day after they seem to be all better BAM a rash.  Apparently once it gets to that stage it’s not really contagious though so that’s good and all the times I took him out before he got the rash and was contagious he just wanted to be attached to me anyways so he probably didn’t infect anyone.  The only people at risk are babies under one or pregnant women and I don’t think he came into contact with any so I don’t feel too worried about that.

But if you are a pregnant woman or a baby under 1 in Ottawa watch out! Because apparently, rubella is making the rounds.

also: there is no treatment and you basically only get diagnosed with a blood test which no one is like going to give for cold symptoms.

So now Bobby is immune for life.  It wasn’t THAT bad really so why we vaccinate against it is a little puzzling to me.  It’s not generally life threatening unless you have an immune deficiency.

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8 Comments on “Apparently, we don’t need to go into quarantine”

  1. Boo…what are the symptoms again?

  2. metahara says:

    wow- thank goodness he is ok, it’s not that bad and hey
    there is one less vaccine he’l get – so woohoo
    why do they bother if that is as bad as it gets?
    I can see if we wwren’t living in the western privilege we have and our immune systems were compromised by our environment- but
    we’re not-
    makes me think parents ought to look into each and every vaccine, what it’s for, what the dose is per child, is it always the same or different?
    what is it made of – are their options, etc.
    I stopped vaccinating Hanz (i know controversy) after his 1st or 2nd infant immunization shots.
    He got a fever
    and that along with all the stuff I was reading questioning vaccines was enough for me.

    • It is always good for parents to make informed decisions.
      But are you planning on home schooling Hanz? When you register your kids for school you have to either prove they have had all their vaccinations or get them before they start school (at least if you live in Canada).

      • tianadargent says:

        Hanz is now a grown man.
        Also, in Canada all you need to do if you don’t want to vaccinate is sign a waiver at the school. You’ll be expected to take your kid out of school whenever there is an outbreak of anything though.
        Nobody offers up the waiver but if you ask for it, they are required to give it to you.

      • metahara says:

        I so appreciate your concern for me as a new, young mother- it’s lovely, except I’m an old, old mother-
        the son I gave birth to is 20, he’s an artist.
        The one that I helped raise (also no immunizations)
        is 21 – he is at NYU
        THey say the same thing about schooling in the U.S. -Neither boy was home schooled. One went to school in L.A. the other N.Y., both started schooling in New Orleans. Sasha is on the deans list at NYU and getting ready for LSATS. Hanz is an artist who has taken time off from school.
        BOth are radically healthy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We vaccinate because it causes severe fetal abnormalities and a chronic long term condition called congenital rubella syndrome in the offspring of unvaccinated, grown up and pregnant women who are unlucky enough to contract it during pregnancy (that’s assuming they doesn’t spontaneously abort as many do).

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