Quick and Dirty

 Today was supposed to be Bobby’s first day of daycare

Today I was supposed to make a billion batches of ravioli from scratch

Today I was supposed to take a shower

None of those things happened.

Bobby has been MAJORLY teething since Sunday mid-morning.  He’s been nursing non-stop, no solids and up until today, I have had NO TIME where he was not physically on me because otherwise, all hell would break loose.  Although he was feeling somewhat better, he still wasn’t at 100% and I thought that would be a shitty way to spend you first day at daycare.  And since they don’t have a wet-nurse, he’d be starving (let me just mention here that he’ll only sip a few sipe of milk out of anything other than my boob).

So he stayed home.  Luckily, I was able to put him in his crib for two naps and in that time I managed to make 24 burritos and froze 22.

Did I also mention that Brent is out of town?

Bobby is now sleeping in the middle of my bed surrounded by a pillow fortress because I don’t give a shit about taking the effort to get him into his crib. For some reason, it takes a few tries to get him to sleep there  but you could throw him on our bed and he will stay asleep so that’s what I did because….



I smell

With any luck, he’ll make it to day care on Thursday and I can take a shower then.

My armpits smell like a fresh box of wax crayons… that’s strange isn’t it?

ok sleep time for me. Pray for a sunny day tomorrow so I’m not house bound. Thank you and good-night.

On this day:

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In 2007 – I miss parties where stupid shit happens
In 2006 – go figure…
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