New friends and the great fruit debate.

I’d like to take a moment to officially welcome some new friends to my neighbourhood.  On my right calf we have Professor von Varicose Vein and on my left calf we have Madame du Vein Varicose.  They are currently dating but I suspect the will begin to have children within the next year.

New topic.  I know of a few people who have the ridiculous idea that a serving of fruit juice is nutritionally equivalent to a serving of fruit.  And if I personally know of a few, then there must be MANY such people in the world and I’m taking it upon myself to set them straight.  I only partially blame them for the mis-knowledge…  juice companies advertise it as fact but let’s just look at the data shall we? (information taken directly from

1 cup of chopped apples with the skin:

  • 65 calories
  • 1mg sodium
  • 17 g carbs
    • 3g fiber
    • 13g sugar
  • 1% vit A
  • 10% vit C
  • 1% calcium
  • 1% iron

1 cup of apple juice with nothing added

  • 114 calories
  • 10 mg sodium
  • 28 g carbs
    • 0g fiber
    • 24g sugar
  • 0% vit A
  • 4% vit C
  • 2% calcium
  • 2% iron

Let’s just review.  Apple juice has more calories, more sugar, less fiber and less vitamins.  It’s negligibly higher in minerals so that’s totally fine right?  Who needs to actually eat fruit when you can have juice? Now I know what some of you may be thinking… “I drink VEGETABLE juice!”  trust me… it’s no better… it’s basically vegetable flavoured salt.

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