cha cha cha

 It’s not even 8:30 and I’m "going to bed" (read: laying in bed surfing the web until I get sleepy) because Bobby has had 2 rough nights and went to bed early today so I thought I’d try to do the same to prepare for a possible 3rd bad night in a row.

YAY colds!

In other news, 

  will be here so soon I can hardly stand it and it’s SO EXCITING because she’s coming to buy a house which means she will be living here again really soon.  I’ve already picked her housewarming gift out. THIS is how excited I am!  Also she will have fun themed parties that I will attend and there will be doggy play dates and ANTM nights and before you know it we’ll be sick of each other.  When we lived in the same apartment building we barely hung out. I think it’s because we knew we COULD whenever we felt like walking 2 flights of stairs so we didn’t make many plans.

Then we were ripped apart for (I want to say 4….) years by a cruel destiny but in the end it worked out because I got to visit her place and she came back a bunch of times and we still find each other ok I guess.

I’m getting rambly….

On this day:

In 2008 – I listed many of the foods I wanted to eat. It’s a miracle I only gained 30 lbs in pregnancy.
In 2007 – A little art appreciation
In 2006 – 
In 2005 – I despised nerds


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