god damn I hate when that happens!

I KNOW I had something I wanted to post about but now I don’t remember what it was! *pouts and stamps foot*

Brent has taken over folding the laundry and you’d be AMAZED at how much of my time this frees up. I have a creative project IN THE WORKS because of it and I feel like a human being again.

Hmmm what else? Bobby’s doing all kinds of neat things that I REALLY want to tell you about but I’m saving it for the monthly list because I think incessantly posting about him doing something awesome like BLINKING is probably annoying. OMG HE BLINKED!!!

OHHHH I ordered jeans that are like a push up bra for your ass! They’ll probably be here by Monday so there MAY be a post all about my ass coming up soon which could be interesting.

I really wish I could remember what I wanted to write about. I remember thinking about it many times today and now hat I have the oppertunity *whoosh* empty brain. THis only means one thing; I’m turning into my mother. Next thing you know I’ll be calling Bobby Tyrone and referring to people as "Whatshisface" and talking to people about other people they do not know as if they have known them all their lives.

For valentines day I ordered Brent a comic book that prominently features a luscious ass. Aparently THIS post is mainly about asses… I asked him for an erotic novel from Venus Envy  so we’ll see what happens there.  Oh and lube!  Brent bought that KY (AWFUL NASTY YEASTY CAUSING) that *tingles*.  Ummm ok… BURNINATOR!  Ok enough about my privates.  I’ll be back when I remember what it is I wanted to write because this is going all over the place.

On this day:

In 2008 – HAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank GOD for back up plans
In 2007 – sour face

In 2005
– What was I thinking?  I’ve been WAY closer to death many times.


4 Comments on “god damn I hate when that happens!”

  1. LOL- does your mom really call Bobby Tyrone? That is so funny.
    Ass jeans! Where did you get them from? Vs?

  2. LOL- does your mom really call Bobby Tyrone? That is so funny.
    Ass jeans! Where did you get them from? Vs?

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