This is not a suitable update but there you have it.

naughty_bride has been in town this week and I love her to bits. TO BITS I SAY! Not only did we get to hang out and do very important things like;

  • go to a dinner party in Almonte and have a blast
  • watch the season premier of ANTM with Bobby to cultivate his tastes
  • go swimming
  • wear almost matching pink loungewear
  • eat semi-junk food

but she CLEANED MY HOUSE and MADE ME SEVERAL FROZEN MEALS and BAKED ME SOME COOKIES!!!! This was a HUGE help which I really super appreciate and will remember for a long long time. I really wish she could have been around when Bobby was first born but this totally made up for it.

She also got Bobby two SUPER CUTE outfits and some really cool books. She got him Everybody Poos and I read it to him and he laughed the whole time which was odd because I don’t think he knows what I’m saying. Maybe he liked the drawings. She also got him a wicked Kandinsky colouring book which he will LOVE when he’s older (if my genes have anything to do with it)

In other news, I have an adequate breast milk stash and that means I am going out tomorrow night! I’m so So SO excited although I’m worried my boobs will explode from not feeding Bobby so I might stash the pump in my large purse to get some relief throughout the night. Brent’s filling in on bass for Brights tomorrow at Babylon for the Trevor James gig. Come hang with me!

There is a brunch going on tomorrow morning that I doubt I will be able to make it to. Firstly because I only have enough milk to leave Bobby at home for the evening and that’s already planned and secondly because I don’t think he’ll be in a pleasant mood to come with me. I say this because it is now nearly 10 pm and he’s slept a total of 2 hours since 6 am He’s finally back to a pleasant mood but there were many tough hours today between oh…. 11am and… 6:30 pm At 6:30 he decided he was hungry and ate for TWO AND A HALF HOURS with a measly half hour break in the middle. I’m currently hiding from him and his mouth of doom.

I’ve done everything to get him to sleep and NO DICE so now he’s watching Brent play guitar hero because apparently, that’s entertaining. We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.

I’m out!

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  1. fireladie says:

    Three cheers for friends!!!

  2. fireladie says:

    Three cheers for friends!!!

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