uptight suburbia

Ok let me tell you a little something.  People in the suburbs are way too uptight about their lawns.  I mean, grass isn’t even a plant that can survive here without major intervention but for some reason, it’s really important that it be totally perfect and (too) short and have no clovers or dandelions in it.

Brent and I had a midwife appointment and this is the MSN convo we had just when he got back home;

someone cut our lawn
that’s hilarious
i assume that our neighbor must have gotten tired of looking at it
Did he do the back yard too?
nope, just the front
i know i should have done it, but it was too fucking hot for the past few days
Yeah plus… who cares? well, apparently he does
he’s a goof
so anyway, that’s his problem
yeah dude.  I’m all for coming home to a mowed lawn.
i suppose, but now i’m going to feel like he’s watching me every time i cut the grass from now on


17 Comments on “uptight suburbia”

  1. fireladie says:

    Our neighbors on either side are like this. The same weekend they were both out working on their lawns.
    Us, looks like weed central AND we have plans to most likely get rid of all the grass and just have a backyard garden!

    • tianadargent says:

      Yeah I’m planning a slow transition from grass to local perennials. I’ve done some of it but I don’t have the energy to do it in this heat right now.
      I think next year it will be 50% garden.

  2. corto says:

    or he/she noted that the pregnant couple could use a hand so he/she decided to pay a little something forward.
    (python’esque: always look on the bright side of life… 😀

    • tianadargent says:

      It’s possible. He also does our driveway in the winter… but what if I WANTED it long???

      • corto says:

        it’s bad to let the grass get too long. Too much pollen produced and that is bad for the allergy sufferers… and most grass morphs into a broader leaf when it flowers. So, wanting uncut long grass… is worse than opting for a bed of clover. (which can be quite pretty, and cuts to a very even looking carpet of green… – we fostered a clover front lawn at our old house)

        • tianadargent says:

          We had just reseeded a large part so we needed to let it go to seed before cutting for proper growing.
          I prefer a clover bed but Brent isn’t down with all the little purple-white flowers. I like them because of the way they fly into the air as I mow them (last year) with the push mower. Plus they are good for bees.

        • thebookpile says:

          I have heard that clover is more drought-resistant, too, so it doesn’t need to be watered as much. Did you find that to be the case?

          • corto says:

            yeah… our front yard was horrible… the grass near the road wouldn’t take and the crab grass kept coming back… So we “fostered” – I just kept transplanting clover from other places into my front yard.- clover and let it go wild. It was great.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Grass is such a pointless thing. Think of all the land we have in this city alone given over just to this stuff, loaded with pesticides and herbicides. Think of all the beautiful and useful things we could do with this land

  4. fiercekitty says:

    oh my god are you freaking kidding me.
    shit. I hope there are no grass police in our new neighbourhood. we’re closing on monday & won’t even be living there until the middle of july so they’d better get used to some unmaintained grass!
    we’re also going to slowly make the move to no grass. grass sucks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I need to find someone willing to do that for me too 😉

    • tianadargent says:

      Re: Hmmm…
      This has happened to be before. I used to live in a side-by-side when I was 19-23 and would rarely mow the front lawn so the guy who shared the front would mow it.
      Basically, if your neighbour cares about his/her grass and it borders yours, they’ll take care of it if you let it get ‘unruly’.
      There’s one house around the corner from ours who lives on the corner of one of the busier roads who has not had a lawn cutting since we moved in 2 years ago. It’s glorious! As you can imagine, nobody’s yard is directly adjacent.

  6. i thought the exact same thing! that it is so random that people grow grass, of all things.
    like, WHY? i don’t often see it in too many places. and shaved lawns look so gross. especially really short ones.
    that’s so sick that he would do it. personally, i’d feel like i got violated bc he trespassed on your property…

    • tianadargent says:

      I don’t care personally. He helps us out with the snow in the winter. I think he’s just bored since he doesn’t work right now.
      I would be creeped out if he did the back yard though.

  7. This is so completely foreign to me. I just can’t imagine! Yard ‘work’ is actually one of my favorite pass times (when it’s not a million degrees outside and I’m not knocked up of course) so if someone took it upon themselves to mow my yard, I would have a conniption fit!

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