Death by heat

Ok it’s really hot and humid. Last night the humidex was at 100%. I thought that would mean that if I went outside it would be like swimming, but really, it was more like wanting to die.

I did go swimming at my in-laws’ though. The water was 80 degrees but felt like ice compared to the air. I did 20 laps but I used a noodle. I don’t trust myself to be an excellent swimmer right now.

It felt so good to be able to move around without hurting any joints or making ‘old-man’ moans about various pains. I look forward to going again soon. I might go tonight if it doesn’t end up raining.

On this day:

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One Comment on “Death by heat”

  1. There is a huge heat wave sweeping our northern states as well. The temperature and humidity are completely normal averages for where I live. I heard on the news where some of the schools in New York were letting students leave because the high was supposed to be 98 degrees. We only had like 4 days in the month of August last year that didn’t reach 100… so now I kinda know how you feel when we freak out and go on “milk and bread” grocery store runs when we have snow flurries.

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