I got the photos from the Montreal trip from my mom. She took them all so any quality concerns reside on her shoulders.

Me and Poopsie snoogling

Me and the Jungle Cat

He’s so fluffy! But not as fluffy as my kitty.


Mom, Sister, Me

A Family Portrait

See how big he is!!! I told my sister this outfit/hairstyle made her look like Sailor Moon (or probably one of her non-blonde friends but I don’t know their names) I really like that shirt a lot.

My Sister's Cat is as tall as her

My mom ordered a cheese plate on the train ride home…there was some wax on the gouda…

Wax Lips


8 Comments on “FINALLY!”

  1. corto says:

    wow… that is one big kitty. 🙂
    Makes me not so worried about Jabba the Purcy we’ve got here… er… Purcy the hut?

  2. lola_70 says:

    hihihi… Wendy thinks you look like a “Tete-a-claque” in that last picture!

  3. redaryl says:

    that last picture is fantastic. haha

  4. The picture of the 3 of you is so adorable! Frame it for the baby’s room! Every looks so casual and happy.
    I LOVE Laura’s hair and outfit, tres chic. Clyde looks very cuddly.
    Your red lips look very hollywood:)

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