International Food Challenege!

  has never had poutine.

I have never had grits.

And thus the international food challenge is born! We will each supply each other with a recipe to make this dish at home and then make a post about our adventures.

So here is my poutine ‘recipe’.

  • 4 large russet potatoes
  • 2C of your favorite, thick brown gravy (I buy St-Hubert’s gravy packs because they are vegetarian but I doubt they are available in the states. Knorr is an excellent brand for gravy packs as well or you can use canned or home made. It needs to tasty and thick enough to stick to fries)
  • 1-2c white cheese curds (you could use orange ones but why eat dye? If you can’t find any, I suggest grabbing a bunch of old cheddar and cutting it into 1/2″ cubes, but you will have to concede the dish as no longer being authentic)

So Rachael says she has a deep fryer but has never used it (sure you haven’t!). I’ll go with a deep fryer method but you could also oven bake the fries with a touch of olive oil, turning once, until puffy and golden. This, is the ‘healthy’ option.

-Cut potatoes lengthwise into fries. You would want them to be less than 1/2″ thick but not as skinny at McDonalds fries.

-Place them in a strainer and shake a bit of salt over them to draw out the water. Let the sit for 5 minutes then turn them and salt again. You want to get out as much water as possible

-Cook the fires according to your fryer’s directions. Drain them and wait 5 minutes then fry them for another couple of minutes. This will make them super crispy on the outside and keep them from getting too soggy later

-Sometimes cheese curds end up being bigger than bite size so I like to break them up, you can do this while your fries are cooking

-Time to serve!

-Fill bowls (I imagine you’ll be sharing?) half way with fries.

-Add a layer of cheese

-Top up with fries

-Add more cheese

-Ladle some piping hot gravy over top, enough to give each fry a nice coating, but not enough so there is a gravy soup at the bottom when you are done eating

-Dig in!

In other news, this morning I saw two bunnies! They were very cute.

On this day:

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17 Comments on “International Food Challenege!”

  1. shesaid says:

    That sounds sooo good. I want some right now! Haha. I’ll have to pick up some white cheese curds this weekend when we are in Wisconsin. 🙂

  2. rachaeldoss says:

    I imagine I’ll end up buying brown gravy from KFC, as I have never made any, do not know how, and know I like KFC gravy already.
    Yeah – the cheese curds are going to be the challenge here…

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