everybody has at least one. Some people need to listen to music in the shower or eat their dinner at the table with everything just so. If they can’t do it, they just don’t feel right.

Mine is going to bed.

I need to be in bed for at least 20 minutes before I intend to fall asleep. It needs to be totally peaceful or else my whole night’s rest doesn’t work for me.

Things that can’t be happening once I’m in bed, preparing for sleep;

  • the tv can’t be on
  • music can’t be on
  • no lights on except the one on the night stand
  • no conversations
  • no one traipsing about the room
  • no cat licking them self near me

Basically, I just want solitude and quiet in the room I am in. All other rooms can have whatever they want going on (within reason acoustically of course).

What’s your ritual?

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11 Comments on “Rituals…”

  1. trinity3x says:

    My bed ritual is to be in bed at 9pm. I watch a 30 minute cooking show, then read for 30 minutes. I use the restroom, click off my light, take a drink of water, kiss Chase goodnight, and then start the night out on my tummy.
    This cannot be interrupted and if I don’t at least attempting peeing before bed sleep isn’t happening.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I heard that you’re not actually supposed to be able to fall asleep within 20 minutes of getting in bed. If you do, that means you’re exhausted and overworked.
    My current rituals are: Greasy bacon and eggs for breakfast (something that takes time to cook while I read my email/blogroll or write) on the weekend, or it doesn’t feel like it’s the weekend; shower and nap when I get home from work, or I feel gross and tired for the rest of the night; and talking on the phone with the best friend every Monday to catch up.

    • tianadargent says:

      I’m always exhausted! Even when I wake up. I think it’s a pregnancy thing.
      But I’ve also heard that if you lie awake in bed longer than 15 minutes, you are not tired and should get up and do something until you are.
      I usually don’t even make it the 20 minutes, which is why it takes me forever to read my books because this is when I allot myself the time and I usually only get through one or two pages before everything gets blurry. Even if I don’t even feel sleepy when I start reading. I think it’s my body’s cure to shut down. Either that or the book I’m reading right now is too boring.
      I sometimes get into mini-rituals which are more like fads that only last a little while. A few months ago it was making pancakes filled with fruit and a big smoothie for weekend breakfasts but Brent has decided to reduce his caloric intake and pancakes aren’t the same when you don’t have someone to share them with.

  3. rachaeldoss says:

    I am THE SAME WAY about going to bed.
    I usually read for a few minutes before going to bed.
    I definitely can’t just go from watching Law & Order to dreamland.
    Unless I’m SUPER exhausted and had fallen asleep during the show, anyway.
    I have rituals to how I eat certain foods.
    I deconstruct and reconstruct sandwiches before I can eat them. 🙂

  4. lola_70 says:

    My most important ritual is the order in which I shower… If I do anything out of the order, my day tends to be more difficult than usual. This only applies to week days thank goodness!

  5. metahara says:

    wow- when the baby comes….well, maybe sheer exhaustion will replace the 20 minutes you need now

  6. thebookpile says:

    Before I start a new chapter in a book, I need to flip forward to see on which page it ends, and figure out how many pages it contains.

    • tianadargent says:

      I do this sometimes, to see if I have the time to start it before getting too sleepy because I really hate having to stop part way through. There at least needs to be some time of visual break at a reasonable spot.

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