ice cream breakfast

I’m really exhausted right now so this entry will probably suck or make no sense or something.

Our first prenantal class was yesterday. It lasted from 9:30 am until 3:30 pm and we’ll have another one next week. I really enjoyed it and found it fairly informative.

The best part for me was learning about alternative pain management techniques (alternative to an epidural). There were 3 stations throughout the place and each couple (3 of us) took a turn trying the stuff out at each station. Already I could tell which things made me feel more comfortable and which things didn’t. We’ll periodically practice the things that helped. Also there were snacks! We all know how much I love those!

We realized we would need another support person there. The average labour is 15 hours from start to finish and even though I have no choice but to participate, I need someone to be focused on helping me 100% and I can’t expect Brent to be able to do that 15 hours (or more) straight. After the class we went over to my in-law’s to talk to them about it since they’ve each assisted a few births. I think we have a pretty good plan in place now.

After a too-short rest at home, we headed over to Jess and Matt’s for a taco party… not the dirty kind. One person asked me the same question 3 times, at which point I thought “hmmm… all the marbles? Probably missing a few…”. There was also a couple up from New Zealand who were pretty fun. The guy was grossed out by our toilets because there’s water in the bowl and was angry that our light switches worked in the opposite manner he was used to.

It was a fun night and this review of it is balls.

We got home and stayed up for a few hours and I went to sleep around 1:30 am which is absurd! I thought my massage appointment was at 11 this morning so I dragged my ass out of bed and now I’m sitting here trying not to die from tired. My appointment is actually at 12:30.

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