I am dead

Yesterday I spent some time ripping out the grass in the front yard. 

There are a bunch of hostas, irises and lilies in the back yard that get wrecked by Bernie because he things it fun to destroy plants. I’m moving them to a nice big patch in the front yard (which looks like junk) so they can be pretty, then I’m going to build a fence around the gardens in the back and plant my veggies behind the protective barrier.

So yesterday I cut out the outline of the garden with a spade and tore out the grass and found way too many june bug larvae for my liking. This is probably why our front yard looks like junk, they eat grass roots. We can’t really do anything about it now since the only way to avoid it is to spray the yard to kill the eggs in June/July and that protects it for the following year.

So hopefully the nice pretty back yard plants take well and decide to spread out because I wouldn’t mind having a front yard mostly comprised of those.

It super killed me to do that digging though. I’m very sore right now.  I still need to put a bog mound of soil on my open patch (probably tomorrow since it’s supposed to rain today) and then separate and move the plants. I haven’t moved these kinds before but I got some tips online so hopefully I won’t just kill them all.

Also, our real estate agent stopped by yesterday ‘just to say hi’ and left us with about 5 packets of forget me not seeds so I’ll probably plant those in various places int he front yard.

Apparently, this post is about gardening…

On this day:

In 2007 – Ron Mueck = super awesome
In 2005 – Apparently I hate nerds, I don’t know why…


2 Comments on “I am dead”

  1. Bernie 1, garden 0. He has a green thumb just like mom:) Hope the transplant goes well.

  2. Bernie 1, garden 0. He has a green thumb just like mom:) Hope the transplant goes well.

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