Contemplating the life of my offspring

Brent doesn’t really like the idea of daycare. To him it’s just a waste of money for something we could do ourselves. (We both know this is not always the case). If we want to keep our house, I’m sure I’ll have to go back to work, plus I’m pretty sure I’ll want to since Brent works from home and we’ll probably be all sick of each other being home all the time.

He’s suggested that he take care of the kid at home. He’s sure it will work since a lot of his work can be done in off-hours and for the stuff that requires travel or scheduled conference calls, I can either take some time off or his mom could babysit for an hour or two.

What worries me about this is that he might find it too stressful and just freak the fuck out. He disagrees. He’s actually done way more kid taking care of in his life than I have so I’ll have to trust him on this.

Just to have a back up plan I looked into local day cares to see what’s what.

  • The subsidized day cares have big waiting lists but the private ones do not.
  • They run from $130-$200 per week.
  • They take children starting from 6 months to a year up until school age (5).
  • The cost seems to include lunch and snacks.
  • All the ones I’ve seen seem to stipulate that the care giver gets x number of days off for which I would still be paying but would have to make alternate care arrangements.
  • Many of them have immediate availability which means that I won’t have to worry about waiting lists.
  • Many of the care givers have training in early childhood education

My issues:

  • I plan on raising a vegetarian until they can decide for themselves if they want to eat meat.
    In addition to this I plan on feeding them only home made foods and I worry that include meals would be hot dogs and Kraft Dinner
  • I don’t like the idea of paying for a week of vacation and possibly having to pay someone else for day care at the same time. I also don’t like that the other alternative is that I take my vacation at the same time they do. I want to be free to choose my own vacation time I want to pay for the services I receive, no more, no less.
  • I plan on using cloth diapers but I have heard of some day cares not using them and the parents being forced to switch

So anyways, I figure we’ll try out Brent’s plan. I know some people have successfully done it (Dooce for example) so we can probably make it work. I don’t work long hours to begin with and they are reduced for half the year. I might even be able to work out some kind of half day schedule for a little while until preschool kicks in. If it really doesn’t work, then we can sign up for a local day care. Even half days of day care might just be the bit of help we’ll need.

With all that said, we’ll just have to wait and see and try stuff and hope for the best.

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