Feeling comforted.

Last night, Brent held me as I cried and it felt so good.  It was the first time he ever did that for me.  Actually, as far as I can remember, it was the first time anyone has done that for me.  It made me feel so safe and reassured.

I hope that there’s someone to hold me every time I cry from now on.

Last night I had the most ridiculous dream regarding this whole thing.  I dreamed that she left a stack of shoe-box sized paintings on our door step, presumably for Brent.  They each had some kind of memento and a saying related to their relationship.  I obviously hated it.  So I took all of them and the one that’s actually at our house right now and put them in the car.  I then told Brent I needed him to drive me to work.

I was planning to bring them to her work and dump them on her desk to mortify her as I have been mortified but I woke up to pee before that actually happened.


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