snow day!

So we’re pretty much snowed in.

I made Brent take me out for breakfast at about 11 and the snow was really bad.  Our street hadn’t been plowed but the nest one was.  We couldn’t see streetlights until we were almost at them but we got to the diner just fine.

Somehow, in the 45 minutes we were there, it got much much worse.  The wind was whipping the snow so badly that the only way we could even tell we were on the road was that we were following a bus.  Then the bus took a turn that was not in our direction and for a few minutes we couldn’t see ANYTHING.

Somehow we made it all the way home.  The path we had shoveled to get to our car and out of the driveway was totally filled in.

There’s so much snow on the back deck that when I opened the door for the dogs to go out they couldn’t go. They were blocked in.  Bernie had to pee so bad he jumped over and then fell over in the snow that is taller than him.  It was hilarious.  Once he bounced back in, Brent shoveled the deck for them.

Too bad this didn’t take place tomorrow because I could totally justify an unpaid day off work to stay out of this.

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