christ toast

The freezing has worn of and I’m in [insert many expletives here] PAIN!  We only had one advil left and i just took it.  I hope it does SOMETHING.


One month until we’ve been married a year. If they are all as easy as this one, I’ll be laughing!

My face is SO frozen right now. But luckily, as of today, I am 100% cavity free. I can’t really talk because my tongue is frozen and I’m starving and an barely eat and feeling a bit nauseous so I came home from work for the day. I’m talking like a two year old.

Yesterday I left work early to go start my leg tattoo. I foolishly thought it would all be done in one day but after 3.5 hours, it was about half done and I almost couldn’t take it anymore so we called it quits. The outline is completely done and the base colour for the stem and a few leaves are done. It was very VERY painful.

I learned about half way through that if I eat at the same time I don’t notice the pain so much but then I ran out of snacks. I probably won’t post photos until it’s totally done unless one of you is about to die from curiosity anyways. And since Jay was so concerned… Look Jay you are in my post!

I can say, however, that I’m so totally happy with the way it is going so far. It’s going to be killer. Or at least it better be *shakes fist*!

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