Disposable Camera Photos

The boys getting ready for the wedding.
Boys Prep

Brent and Mat

Jay Jammin

Steve Jammin

Mat Jammin

Dinner Time
Down the Line



Pat and Barb

Devil Horns

Angela and Me

Angela and I

My (I think) 31 year old cousin, moments before his mom (background) had to take his drunk ass home
Drunk Cousin

Our Speech

Moms Speech

Party Time!

Mel Chris Steve and Stef


The Don
The Don

Sarah and Mike

Me and Mike

Sarah and Me

My vote for best-dressed couple.
Ryan and Angela
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5 Comments on “Disposable Camera Photos”

  1. filmfatale says:

    your beauty is breathtaking

  2. utsi says:

    thank you for sharing the pics. looks like it went really well 🙂

  3. clivec says:

    What a splendid combination of angelic bride and devilish middle finger displays.

  4. fireladie says:

    OMG you are SO gorgeous!!!!

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