wedding mania

Tuesday I went for the second fitting of my dress and since everything was perfect, she just needed to trim the top layer of tulle, I took it home.  

I then went to Bayshore with my mom to help her get clothes for the wedding. She went shopping CRAZY.  We got her some stuff and more.  She got me a scarf I have been saring at for a while from Banana Republic and some goodies form Savory’s (purple potatoes!)  It was exhausting.

Yesterday I met with the guy from the reception venue and pretty much ironed things out.  It’s all coming together my friends.  I have to meet with him at 8am on the Friday before the wedding to drop off all the stuff he has to set up and to give him instructions.  This means I have to re-work the day-before schedule with the bridesmaids, which is fine because I didn’t book the appointments yet!  

Note to self:

Drop stuff off at 8
Go for breakfast somewhere at 9ish?
Mani-pedi and all that jazz at 10
Prep the house for rehearsal dinner
Go to rehearsal at 5:15
Go home to finish prep
Rehearsal dinner at 7

naughty_bride and pumpkin_face, do you two want to go for breakfast with me before doing salon stuff? 

So he gave me the dining room layout based on the number of guests.  It’s THREE LOOOONG tables( perpendicular to the head table. Now ‘normally’ you would give the bride’s fam one table and the grooms fam another table right by the head table, but this poses a tricky situation.  Any advice?

Things I still need to do:
-finish assembling favors
-make seating chart and figure out how to display it
-get guest book/pens
-make table numbers and figure out how to display them
-arrange paper instructions for the mess workers
-get attendant gift for Heather (any ideas? this is Brent’s sister and I know she doesn’t wear jewellery and I have no ideas)
-wrap attendant gifts and write nice cards
-find the disposable cameras and figure out if I need to write instructions for people
-get the card box from Brent’s dad so I can paint it.

Am I missing something?

Also, I found out today that the day before I leave work on vacation, everyone here is taking me out for Indian at ym favorite place! YAY!


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