Memoirs of a sick puppy.

Let’s start at the beginning.

I wasn’t home for the start of it.  You all know the story (read earlier posts if you don’t)

Brent took this picture after he puked a couple times but before it was obvious that he needed to go to the vet.  He slinked off to lay on some pillows and hide in a corner.

So after a day of getting antibiotics and fluids we took him home for the night.  Tyrone joined a gang called the ‘nanas while he was in the joint and they let him take home their signature wrist band.

That night, he threw up again and worried about dehydration, Brent took him to the emergency clinic.  This is what I saw when I woke up.  Apparently, they have a different gang running that place.

We hung out on the sofa before we had to bring him back to the vet for a second full day of fluids and antibiotics.

We brought him home that night but the next day he was even worse off.  We brought him in and that’s when they decided they would need to operate.  We had to leave him there overnight but luckily, he was stable enough to stay at the vet without having to go to the hospital. 

We went to pick him up today and he was so excited to see us!  We talked with the doc and he said that after hanging with Tyrone for so long, he’s decided to get a pug in the near future and to start coming to the pugnics.  He’s on a special diet for a while, and on some medication.

We got to keep the apple in a jar fill with some kind of preservative.  They couldn’t tell what it was when they took it out so they had to cut it in half…my camera battery just died so I can’t take a photo right now but it sort of looks like a soggy tootsy roll.  Everyone there was so nice and talking about how cute Tyrone was while he was there.  They seemed to have inducted them in their ‘friendship gang’ called the “Love Limeys”.

They pretty much cut open his entire stomach area.  Photo behind the cut for the squeamish but it’s basically a shaved dog belly with some stitches.

They must have bathed him before the sugery because before this thing happened, he was smelling pretty ripe but now he smells like a dream…well except for his farts.  He’s quite gassy and they are SO BAD the smell clings to you.


Here we go again….

I’m itching for another tattoo…  I have a few ideas swirling around in my head but nothing definite.  The hard part is working with placement/theme in relation to what I already have.

I’m trying to think of something that will make the black angel-doodle less obvious, or covered…or SOMETHING.

Anyways, before I discuss my personal thoughts on what I’ve been contemplating, what are yours?  (for REAL ideas…I’m looking at YOU getmymachinegun and flamingbabyhead {and possibly some others among you…} !)

[EDIT for clarification] If you could pick a tattoo for me to get, what would it be?

Trust me on this…

dried cantaloupe is GROSS!

This shits is delicious!

Last night I had edamame for the first time and now that’s all I want to eat ’till the end of time.  Where can I get this in-pod in town?  Probably china town…. 

go round and round

I don’t like the bus stop I take in the morning.  It’s in full sun.  There is no shade nearby to shelter yourself from the hot summer sun.  To be able to see the bus coming, you need to stare into the blaze.


There is no bench.  The bus comes every 15 mintues and I regularly miss it and need to wait that length of time, standing motionless, staring into the blazing sun.


I almost always get on the bus first, even if I’m not the first to arrive at the stop.  I personally think people should get on the bus in the order they got to the stop, but I also think milling about, not asserting your place in the world is deplorable (at bus stops at least) and I don’t have the patience to wait for the cow-headed people who got there first to realise that they need to walk to the door and step onto the bus to get anywhere.


I have to make a conscious effort not to get up too early to wait by the door to get off.  It’s difficult.