how I turned into a grownup

So now Brent’s sister Heather is coming here from Toronto and Christmas day will be spent at his parent’s.

We invited his parents over for a wine and cheese evening on Christmas eve while Heather and her family are at her in-laws’. I called my mom to see if she wanted to come. She said yes then asked her boyfriend and he said no. So now they’re no coming. I’m upset that she’s not comign because of her boyfriend, but then again I’m relieved because I DO NOT want to see them making out.

So today Brent and I walked to the market. First stop was for me t get new winter boots as my old ones were really leaky. I got INSANE BOOTS like Sorel type boots but that look a little close to snowboarding boots. They’re ugly in a good way.

The Boots

Then we went to House of Cheese and the International Cheese Store and got cheeses we know and love as well as ‘scary smelly cheeses’ we’ve never seen before but that look like a block of mould. Then I decided to get caviar. Then I FOUND THOSE GREAT DOLFIN CHOCOLATES IN SOME GOOD FLAVOURS!!! but they still don’t have the variety in selection that ‘s neighbourhood boasts. Then we went to Moulin de Province to pick up a few pates (not depicted due to un-appealing packaging)

The Spread
We’ll pick up some baguette on the 23rd and we’ll be set!

This is so grown up!

Percible the pirate cat

The Cat

Tyrone and I



14 Comments on “how I turned into a grownup”

  1. clivec says:

    Please do not allow the making out thing to happen, you may have to employ a water hose of some kind.
    Those boots are mighty. Strap them on and destroy Tokyo.
    Your cat is remarkably comfortable for a bloodthirsty, ruthless pirate.

  2. i do like the boots. i wish i had the confidence to wear ones like them!

  3. pumpkin_face says:

    I love you Percy!!! As already stated, you and L & tied for having the cutest cats/softest/friendliest cats I know.
    I realize that those boots are PRACTICAL considering the 90 feet of snow that you guys get in Ottawa, but…… 😐

    • tianadargent says:

      I bought them for practicality. I walk to work every day. They are 100% waterproof as they slip on and there is no zipper or other opening. They have a fleece ‘sock’ inside that’s al fuzzy and warm and they have great traction.
      Plus they are nicer looking than UGGS.

    • lola_70 says:

      Just wait…
      until I get my camera… you’ll see an even more beautiful bundle of fur!!!

  4. pumpkin_face says:

    u should post an entry in perfect parent so that ppl can comment below since you have to add them. add me plz!

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