The Birds

After work on Friday, Brent and I went out to run errands. While listening to the traffic report on the radio, we soon discovered that every route to our destination had traffic due to accidents.

Drivers of this city listen up! How do you forget that snow and ice are slippery?

Anyways so we took a detour that didn’t sound as bad as the other routes. We were stuck on this bridge for a while. Below the bridge are some train tracks and a few shipping yards and the like. It was creepy because there were crows all over the place, all hanging out over this open space. The trees from below were topping out at our eye level and the naked branches were full of crows.

A constant stream of them were flying up over the bridge from out left and going off into the sunset. You could see what looked like whisps of black smoke flying around off in the distance.
I was looking into the cars stopped around us and nobody else seemed to be in awe, concerned or even noticing!

I’m not kidding when I say there were THOUSANDS of crows. I’ve seen crows hang out in large groups before, like some king of street gang, but this was like a mafiosa convention!

Anyways, we eventually drove away.


8 Comments on “The Birds”

  1. superfrayed says:

    that would have freaked me right out, I`m not a fan of birnds to begin (to the point of being scared) seeing a corral or over a thousand?!? was there a dead body there or something?
    As for the winter driving, people are idiots, year after year they never learn. They somehow thing they can drive the same way in the winter as in the summer and you obviously can`t.

    • tianadargent says:

      Well I’ve seen crows in large numbers before in small fields and parks. I think it’s because there was alot of open space in the middle of a lot of buildings so a few groups met up there to hang out before terrorizing the city.
      I find they group up in the winter.
      Or it was a dead body.
      It was really neat though. It makes me want to study the behaviour of crows, but for some reason, I think it would make me cursed.

  2. Spook-EEEY!
    Crows make me so nervous. Stephen King uses them a lot in his movies, therefore I associate the little winged devils with scariness and death. I would have smooth flipped out if I would have been in the car.

  3. pumpkin_face says:

    i like birds a LOT.
    i take pictures of pigeons while on vacation, in a new city (seriously).
    if i had seen what you saw, i would’ve start to recite THE RAVEN by poe. because that’s how gay i am.

    • tianadargent says:

      Re: i like birds a LOT.
      I like birds, but I hate birds as pets. If you get pet birds, I probably won’t ever visit you.
      I wish I had my camera at the time…It looked so freaking cool.

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