Today’s breakdown:

  • Went to Pilates and there was only 3 of us, I was the only one there who had taken a class before so I felt like a pro. Yay me.
  • Bought an extra large coffee for the first time in my life AND I LOVED IT!
  • Went to go buy a birthday gift for Brent’s dad in exchange for a romantic date-night later this week. (Bribing my boyfriend for romance… Hot-Damn!)
  • While out I saw a pair of boots I once saw in a magazine and fell in love with, they were nearly 300$ and I have no justification for buying them. (Must remember to guilt mom into buying them for me)
  • While on my way to some other little shops to check out shoes I went to the fancy paper store and bought the envelopes for the wedding invites and RSVPs. I had to order an extra back because I cleaned them out of chocolate brown.
  • While checkingout the other shops that I thought would have cute shoes but didn’t, I found my new favorite sweater. I bought it and tried using the self-timer to get a good photo of me wearing it, but after about 5 tries I was unable to get one I liked, so just take my word for it.
  • On my way home I was 6″ away from getting smoked by a car running a red light. It’s not even like it JUST turned red. Once it turned red, I started crossing the street. I had crossed 2 lanes of traffic at a medium pace and just as I was about to step into the third lane, a car just zooms by in front of me! If I had been walking my normal pace I would surely have been hit. Thank God I spent too much money today and all the baggage slowed me down. It saved my life.

14 Comments on “list”

  1. you are incredibly photogenic my friend.

  2. am i missing the photo?
    i think the part that scares me the most about returning to canada is the idea that i would have to dress in sweaters and stuff again. gah!!

  3. artistiqua says:

    The color of the jewerly suits you so well! 🙂

  4. gringogidget says:

    extra large coffee RULES.

  5. Crafty One!
    Those earrings are gorgeous with your beautiful skin and hair!
    I can’t believe you whipped up a bracelet to match. Very Pretty, Very Crafty. The best part … they don’t LOOK crafty and self-made, they look expensive. Lovely~ I love shopping. Love it – as in – I think I have a disorder. I can READ about other people’s shopping ventures and get all giddy. I loved this entry. I, myself, triumphed at the purchase of your new favorite sweater. This must have a been a good weekend for sweater purchases. My mom bought me (on sale) a rose colored Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater. HER reasoning = “You need more Office appropriate apparell… you still look like a college kid.” MY reasoning for her purchase = I get my shopping addiction from Her. She has it so bad, She buys things for herself AND other people. She’s a money spending monster that can’t be stopped!! And I love her♥

    • tianadargent says:

      It was super easy to make. I had some little teenage girl tell me how to make it!
      I’m wearing the sweater right now.
      My mom loves spending money, but only on herself 😦 I had tot ell her to start saving up if she intended to help with th ewedding in any way because she can’t hold onto money to save her life. My entire christmas list for her is wedding stuff!

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