Brussels Sprouts

When somebody doesn’t like something that I find delicious (for instance, brussel sprouts) I am convinced that they have never had it well prepared (for instance, grilled).


15 Comments on “Brussels Sprouts”

  1. gringogidget says:

    I did turn my nose up at a co-worker who puts white vinegar on her pizza.
    I have never tried it, though.

  2. I don’t like duck. I want to like it… I’ve tried it lots of different ways. It just taste so ‘gamey’ it makes me gag. I work with a lot of outdoorsy guys that duck hunt and they’ve all tried to convince me I’ll “love THEIR special recipe.” I never do. It was fun at first… now I’m just tired of having to sample recipes of the species I can’t stomach.

    • tianadargent says:

      Have you tried duck confit? Or asian duck soup?

      • ewww *shudder*
        No ma’am I have not!

        • tianadargent says:

          ok well I’m not going to tell you that you should, but those are the 2 best ways I’ve had duck.
          The confit doesn’t taste gamey at all because it’s prety much just salty and the soup is just duck broth.
          Although I’ve only had farmed duck and not hunted duck so maybe that’s where the difference lies.

          • Smart Girl!
            Farmed ducks are raised on grains and seeds. Their meat tends to have more fat… I’m sure leave it tastier than wild game. Wild ducks eat a variety of foods, such as seeds, roots and stems of bulrushes, millet and smartweed, as well as waste grain like barley from farmers fields. They’ve also been known to eat mosquito larvae, midges, mayfly nymphs, minnows, snails and meal worms.
            Anyway, I’m impressed you made that observation. Most people wouldn’t know there is a big difference in farm raised animals and wild game.

            • tianadargent says:

              Re: Smart Girl!
              Most people wouldn’t know there is a big difference in farm raised animals and wild game.
              I find that pretty shocking. There’s a huge difference even WITHIN the farmed group. For example, fatty force fed chickens that never learn to walk or free-range chickens.

  3. superfrayed says:

    I don’t like yoghurt, and I have tried every brand and flavor out there.
    I love brussel sprouts, however I have never had them grilled..that sounds quite delicious. I like them w/ a bit of real homemade bacon bits.

  4. pumpkin_face says:

    I agree with the brussel sprouts example specifically because I can see how plain, boiled brussel sprouts would be boring (actually I couldn’t because even plan, boiled brussels sprouts with a little olive oil and salt would still be delish).
    WHy do so many people have an aversion to mushrooms?

    • tianadargent says:

      I recently learned that I don’t hate mushrooms! I just thought I did because I don’t like the “regular” white ones that are everywhere, but I like practically every other kind.

  5. there is this one guy at work who i was going on about brussel sprouts with and he was like ew ew ew…
    and i went ‘have you ever tried it?’ and he was like ‘welll, no..’
    later that day he tried it and was in love with them…hahha, people

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