I order KFC around 7:30pm. Laura shows up aroun 8:15pm and my food still hasn’t arrived. I call them and they say it should be there any minute. Laura orders from Greek on Wheels. It gets here before my food does. When my delivery guy shoes up, he’s annoyingly chatty and taking his sweet fucking ass time getting the receit. I paid with visa, so I rounded up the price to the nearest dollar, giving him a 14 cent tip. It was, afterall, 9 oclock. I got no explanation, apology or even acknowledgment of the fact that it took an hour and a half for KFC!!! So I start to get ready to eat and there’s a nock at the door. The delivery guy came back to verify how much I put in the tip. What a fool.


Pilates -> Breakfast at Maxwell’s (YUM) -> Shopping for dinner items at the Boushy’s -> Stopping by in City Hall to see the free art exhibit. It was SUPER AWESOME! -> Shopping for shoes. We went to the mall and Laura had never been in Banana Republic. So we are wandering around inside and we found a dress that was perfect AND on sale. So we bought 3 and had one put on hold for pumpkin_face since the store that had her size is right near her place anyways. This is a pic of Laura modeling the dress n the changeroom. She really needs to watch more ANTM.

Then we did a little more shopping while walking around with several garment bags.  When we got back to the apartment Laura made cream of vegetable soup for dinner. Later, Jay and Kerry came over and the boys watched hocley while we played Monopoly and Brent kicked ALL our asses but I was out first.


Church -> Breakfast at Maxwell’s (YUM!) -> Brent left the restaurant to go to band practise and the waiter was like.”He left? He was one of my 3 favorite customers today!” We were the first customers of the day. I asked him if he would carry us to the market to buy pumpkins, he said no, then made fun of me for having to buy 2 pumpkins in case I messed up the first one.  So we had to walk there and get our own.

Laura, not making a goofy face for once.

I don’t know why I like this pic so much.

Tits McGee

Anyways, while I carved the award-winning pumpkin, Laura did the dishes. Basically I was just seeing if I could carve an argyle pumpkin for the wedding next year, and it turns out I can, so I’ll do a few and hopefully get a little help from some folks. So before I stuck the toothpicks in, the basically looked like a big fangy mouth.

I have a couple ideas for improvement. The second pumpkin didn’t turn out as nicely so I’m not posting pictures of it. Just take my word for it.

Later, we dropped Laura off at the train station and I said something like “Wow, that went way bette than I expected.” Then she gave me her “Why I oughtta!” look. Then we went to visit Brent’s mom and told her she didn’t have to make the bridesmaids dresses so that’s a little less stress for her. But she’s still making the flower girl dress, although I apparently have no choice. She just told me she was making it and that was that. I trust her though, considering she made her own wedding dress and the dresses for all her bridesmaids.

We planned on going grocery shopping after but really we just went to BulkBarn and got dried fruit and nuts. I swear we are not hippies! Then we walked by the pet store and saw kittens in hammocks and now I renew my want for a kitten ranch…with hammocks.


5 Comments on “title”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the pic of me with my head down… there’s a rainbow hugging me!
    I dought I will be watching ANTM any time soon since no cable and absolutely NO DESIRE to see that.
    Love tits mcgee too!

  2. superfrayed says:

    That dress is really nice! I’m sure your bridesmaids appreciate that they’ll be able to wear the dress again and again after your wedding. I still have a $300+ bridesmaid dress sitting in my closet from the last time I was in a wedding!
    As for your mother in law making her own dress and bridesmaids dresses…Wow! I’m sure she’ll do a fantastic job on the flower girl’s dress!
    Lastly, breakfast at maxwells is the best.

  3. gringogidget says:

    i love your apartment, that’s hot.

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