Engagement Party Photos

So I said I would put up more pictures of the engagement dinner. Some of the actual engaged couple. I am a moderately photogenic person. In these pictures, I look like I have a sock full of quarters for a nose. I don’t even know how that is possible.

These two were the only semi-respectable photos.

small group

large group


11 Comments on “Engagement Party Photos”

  1. gringogidget says:

    You two are soo adorable!

  2. andykat says:

    Aww… You two really are so cute together.

  3. pumpkin_face says:

    By the way, in three separate shots your cousin is imitating “The Thinker.”
    You look good in those pictures!

  4. Hottness x 2
    You are SO pretty.
    Other than your icon, I hadn’t really seen a picture of you. Gorgeous! The love of your life is equally beautiful.
    Also, I love your hair and I want it. My Mama is MAKING me wait until after our wedding to cut my hair… which is half way down my back & driving me crazy!! She swears up & down I’ll thank her later for this decesion.

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