Vacation Update Part Two – Days 4 & 5

Day 4:

I had an appointment at Vera Wang at 10 a.m. to try on my dress. ‘s sister (Heather) drove in with me while he stayed to watch the kids.  When we got there, the woman obviously ignored us for 10 minutes because our clothing wasn’t encrusted with diamonds. This type of thing does not bother me because I know that she just wants to feel important.  I show her the picture of the dress I want to try and she tells me it’s not in, but will be in at 1 p.m. She also tells me that called saying she’d be half an hour late. I look around a little and decide there’s nothing else that I really want to try. I leave a message saying we’ll be back around one, and we leave.

Driving with Heather was pretty cool. We get along pretty well and talk about pretty much everything you can imagine.  So we get back to her place. I talk to and since she’s out of a car we decide she doesn’t have to come watch me try on a dress and that we’ll meet at Yorkdale at 6:30 to head out for dinner together later that evening.

We go out for lunch with Heather and the kids and we all discover has a hard time with children’s public behaviour. They really weren’t bad. A little loud at times and the older one couldn’t decide whether or not he wanted the booster seat. Then, we drop WK off because he is cranky and take the kids back to Vera Wang with us (as punishment for not having my dress for my appointment). I try on the dress and it’s just right…well pretty much, it was a little tight in the chest, the straps were slightly long and it definitely needs to be hemmed. No problem. The other lady takes my measurements, I choose the colour and pay for the dress.

I had no clue I would have to pay for the entire dress then and there. That left me a little strapped but thank-goodness, the next day my mom transferred some money into my bank account and because of that, today I was able to buy groceries.

All in all it took about half an hour total time in that store.

but I ordered it in a creamy-gold colour.  I’ll probably have to tape-up my boobs or something. It’s too low in the back for a strapless bra.

Later that evening and I headed over to Yorkdale a little early to check things out before meeting up for dinner.  We found nothing we really wanted/needed but we did come accross a hallway that smelled like poo. Score!

We waited for the obligatory 20 minutes passed the agreed time before calling her cell. She said she was all the way in Scarborough and gave us subway directions to get to near the restaurant. We get out of the subway station into what seems like the middle of chinatown…we were supposed to go to a mexican restaurant, but we ARE where she tells us to be…but she’s not there. I try calling her but her phone is off. We decide to kill time by smoking cigarettes but we are out so we descend back down to the subway station and practicall walk into PF and L. Huzzah! We buy some smokes and we’re off to the restaurant!

We took the long way, which is allright because we saw some interesting sights. One house had this huge bush and had clothed mannequin legs sticking out of it. I would have taken a picture but the group of people sitting out front intimidated me.

The restaurant was prety good. We were at a cramped table though.

This one is to be used for blackmail on a later date.

After we ate and ate and ate, PF got up to use the washroom and just as she was getting up, an orange cat jumped up onto the fence and made it’s way to the upper patio of the restaurant. We tried to get a picture but we were too slow. She went on the hunt though, and this is what she found..

After dinner, we walked around for a while. We came accross this store which is surely where we will register for our wedding.

and we came up on this well-known structure…

Then we all went back t the subway station while making plans to go see The Exorcism of Emily Rose, plans which never came to fruition…

While at the subway station, this weird guy sat next to me while waiting for the train, there were plenty of other places to sit and I got creeped out so I made up some weird excuse to get up and when I did, I stepped in a half-eaten take-out order of pierogies. You can see him behind us in this picture…

There are plenty more pictures of this night. Way to many to put up without seeming arrogant.

Day 5

This day we went to Richmond Hill for a tour of my life from ages 4-16.  We spent quite a bit of time walking around the Mill Pond area. It looks so different from even the last time I’ve been there (bout 3 years ago). I only took a few pictures so I wouldn’t bastardize my childhood memories. Here’s one of them.


8 Comments on “Vacation Update Part Two – Days 4 & 5”

  1. trinity3x says:

    I covet your ability to purchase a Vera Wang gown.

  2. twotwentysix says:

    aaaa that dress! Its wonderfull! I love it.

    and i don’t even like wedding stuff…but i love that.

  4. fireladie says:

    Very very nice…
    I too am jealous of your ability to buy a vera wang as well!!! WOW!!!
    Congrats on the dress!

  5. andykat says:

    Beautiful, great choice. Looking for all the wedding pics next year. Looks like you had a fun time on you vacation.

  6. gringogidget says:

    That’s the mexican restaurant where me and my bf had our first date… near mccaul, right?
    And you and your boyfriend are so cute becuase you’re both red heads.

  7. angelface82 says:

    lovely dress, gorgeous in green and probably even more beautiful in the color you are ordering!

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