Like kids in a candy store.

Last night some mutual friends came over to celebrate our engagement and they brought over a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. Yay gifts!

The plan was to eat leftover chinese (because on tuesday we bout 70$ worth for 2 people, have been eating it for all meals since and now after having shared it with 2 other people, we’re about half way through it.) then go bowling. After eating I exclaimed that a slushy from sugar mountain. Boy did that girl’s eyes light up.

So we changed our plans to going and buying loads of candy and playing original Nintendo. I bought pink cotton candy, a Yorkie Bar (not for girls), and a red slushy. bought a bag of jelly bellies and a fancy root beer, Dan got the JBs and a slushie and Susan got practically anything she could get her hand on (including ‘Grandma’s Candy’).

The order of supremacy for Dr Mario is as follows:

Dan…poor unfortunate Dan.

This morning I was late for work ’cause we were ‘doing it’. Yay me.