Organic Vanilla Ice Cream Slathered in Chocolate Sauce

My favourite part of a hot day like today is getting home and taking off all my sticky clothes and chillin’ in panties.

That’s the life.

I find it hard to believe, when hearing/listening to The Distillers that the singer is a girl and not a teenage boy.  Maybe it’s because I’m out of the media loop and have no visuals to go along with it, but if no one had told me…I would picture the singer as a flabby boy with light brown hair and rosatia (sp) on his cheeks.  Now, I picture her as the female version of this, but with long unwashed hair. Am I right? Yes? No?

Yesterday, I did nothing all day. I walked the dog in sweatpants and that was the highlight until I came home and Brent proposed that I tag along for a short stop-over at Albino Babyland for vocals recording then we go see a movie, his treat. I agreed and as soon as he was done pooping we were on our way.

I decided not to make the salmon and asparagus dinner I was going to (no time anyways) and that’s we’d have gelato for dinner (my treat in exchange for the movie. I got a combination of coconut, pistachio and chocolate. It was awesome. He got raspberry cause he likes fruity desserts..uh…I mean..dinners).

Then we got to A.B. and it was a laugh riot the entire time!  Bad timing, ridiculous back-up vocals and terrible drumming by boys who have no business picking up any kind of sticks (not that I should talk) were all showcased.  My favourite point was the ‘count-chocula’ which unfortunately will not be used in a song but hopefully will pop up somewhere.

Oh and I might as well tell you now.  Look out for me shortly becoming famous as a professional hand-clapper. Nobody claps on time like I do. NOBODY!

Well, we never made it to the movie, but we came home, snacked and did dirty things, so that makes up for it.

*oh yeah and the band doing all this above-mentioned recording will be playing at Zaphod’s on the 17th of August at sometime with some other bands. I won’t be clapping in my professional capacity, but I will be clapping. You should come clap too!*

8 Comments on “Organic Vanilla Ice Cream Slathered in Chocolate Sauce”

  1. tianadargent says:

    Was that the best picture you could find to show off her hotness? Cause she looks pretty ragged there man. Well, her face does anyways, which is probably NOT what you were looking at.

  2. clivec says:

    She looks like a supervillain.*
    *This comment was brought to you by years of reading comic books when I could have been interacting with others.

  3. tianadargent says:

    Re: good thing I’m the lesbian here & not you
    Well, stranger, thanks for coming to visit.

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