Saturday,   and I co-hosted a shower for our good friend who is expecting a boy in September.  I still find it incredible that the people I know are getting married and thinking about & having children.

When we were out to breakfast yesterday, there was an adorable blonde curly-haired boy sitting near us and The Boyfriend is the one who brought his cute-ness to my attention.  A little further into our meal he blurts out in a definitive way: “I want kids” and I look at him in the stunned way that I do when he brings these things up (a lot more lately).  He wants to start trying in about 2 years (hypothetically after 1 year of marriage). And I am only coming to terms with the idea of having kids now.

Granted he is a few years older than me. I’m 24 and I don’t see myself wanting any kids till I’m about 28.  We agreed on 3 years at the very earliest.  Having a kid 100% changes your life and I want to enjoy adulthood for a while before I bring a kid into my life.

10 Comments on “Babies”

  1. The boyfriend is sweet:) Totally agree on the whole changes your life completely and should wait till you are ready. Maybe you could “borrow” a kid for an afternoon, were you have to take care of it?

    • tianadargent says:

      I’ve done aot of babysitting in my day. I know the ropes, and I know I’m not ready to handle them. But I guess borrowing a kid may make The Boyfriend want to wait a little.

  2. pumpkin_face says:

    No baby shower pics? I imagine that it was a colourful, tissue-paper and cupcake filled day. I’d like to see those pictures! And I’m sure everyone else would as well…
    RE the baby situation. This same weekend the fiancee and I were playing with so many babies (Friday night we played poker @ his cousin’s place and his wife brought the baby outside b/c he couldn’t sleep, Sunday we spent all afternoon and early evening with all my 0-to-6 cousins for Sofia’s birthday and I gave one of them a bath) and it occurred to me that once we get married, we’ll probably start “trying” right away.
    Because I’d like to be a young mother.
    Because I’d like to get the bulk of them over with, so to speak, so that I could quickly get back into shape and enjoy my thirties.
    Because I think I’ll be ready.
    Motherhood… 🙂

  3. pumpkin_face says:

    NB – you should most definitely have kids in Italy. That way, they’ll be dual-citizens, and they’ll always be able to live/work/travel freely all over Europe.
    Also, you’d have to give them italian names like Gianmarco and Francesca…
    Ti – Luigi mentioned moving to Ottawa for a bit. To save money (since cost of living is so much cheaper) and to be alone for the first few years of our marriage (since you’re the only ppl we know there). Fun, huh?

  4. Love the dual citizenship. I already know I want to name my daughter Bella, so this works very nicely. I told the groom about this post and he seemed freaked:(
    Dr. phil is about people who have kids, then they hate them and regret it. This will probably change my mind.
    I will be so, so jealous if you move to Ottawa! But, you should for the sassy one:)

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