Movie Review: Mad Max – Fury Road

This is the most feminist action movie I have ever seen.

It’s also just ok.

I got much more enjoyment from reading the reviews and the MRA freak-outs than from seeing the actual movie.

I don’t like 3d movies.

The review I’m writing right now probably has more words than the entirety of the movie itself.

I liked that there were women with their own motivations doing things, and that it didn’t really need to be explained, because they are living people making choices and we don’t need to scrutinize and justify them. That was nice.

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In 2011 – oh goodness. Chubby baby Molly.
In 2008 – puffy
In 2007 – banana clip
In 2006 – some things

Why do I announce all my actions?

  • Because I used to do it with my babies, to help them develop language, and it became a habit.
  • Because I want everyone else to do it too so I can always know how to best plan around them.
  • Because it allows those around me to plan their lives with a bit more information available to them.
  • Because it helps me order my thoughts.
  • Because I hope those I tell keep me accountable to my plans/intentions.

“I’m just gonna make dinner and then I’ll have a shower and then I’m going to clean out the closet.”

I’m sick of it though. I feel like it puts people in awkward positions at times. It centralizes my experience over those around me. Do I just stop? Do I need to transform this behaviour into some other, more positive behaviour or set of behaviors? Do you have the answers to these questions?

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in 2008 – All true, especially if I’m pregnant (which I was when I wrote this)
in 2006 – budding feminism – outdated analysis
in 2005 – Men-only golfing

Cinnamon Ember

I was reminded of that summer love.

I’m so not over it. And it’s good. I did some hurting and it’s better that I stay away.

I’ve grown from it, and that new knowledge reminds me to step outside of myself more often.

So much of it was lovely. The growth allows me to step back and treasure that.

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In 2013 – strange rambling

Spring Sprang Sprung

Oh hey, the weather changed! You know what that means? My brain is all “time for new and exciting things!” I don’t even know which things! Transitions transitions.

I guess the real actual bookstore is opening soon. Probably within a month of today. So that’s a big deal.

Also it’s bright out later and I can bike around.

Also I’m gardening little baby seedlings for outdoors and purging my home of lots of stuff and trying to make some cash cash cash and cooking more meals for myself and my family/housemates.

Gen – you are family now I guess so now I don’t need to “/housemate” everything.

I am SO INTO doing things alone for like, at least an hour a day, but more is better.

I want to find a bunch of beautiful rocks/stones. WHAT IS  THE DIFFERENCE?

I want to get the kids going on actual bike expeditions instead of in circles on our street and I feel like this is the year. Bobby’s confidence has sky-rocketed for using his bike, and Molly is excited for using the trailer instead of horrified like last year. (Bobby is now too big for it and I think his fear was setting her off).

While Gen was away:

-I set up a coats/shoes/pocket-stuff/face-checking, plant-holding station at the front door. I love it. The kids stuff goes in a book-case with only one shelf at the bottom and hooks installed in the top part. They can get it easily. Things are tidier!

-I finished my oar! and I hung it up in the hallway between our bedrooms and it’s beautiful (and not really functional because it’s my first ever oar and I fucked up some things) and she wants to hang some Haida art she has on the wall opposite and it will be beautiful.

-I purged and reorganized the kids play space. I have had a big black garbage bag full of toys, unopened play dough packages, games, puzzles etc sitting on my front porch for days. People just don’t want a random bag of free toys(!!!) so I’ll do the less-lazy work this evening and post the items for sale (see the cash cash cash note above)

Ok so this is my brain ramblings. Finito!

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In 2014 – swimming! (not really)
In 2013 – yes this process has been so useful for me! I’m way less often overwhelmed by life.
In 2010 – I wrote a post for a different blog
In 2008 – I worked from home.
In 2006 – ” I got sick half way through the first kitten’s head but I did eat all of their eyeballs.”
In 2005 – My boobs back then were different than they are now.

not the same

I’m really enjoying writing in my paper journal lately. It’s so soothing and the introspection feels more intense than when I write here.

And also I’m less interested in what people think of my introspection lately.

So that’s what’s up with my blogging slump. As the weather continues to warm up, I’m sure to start posting about adventures and such.

I like how things don’t always have to be the same.


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In 2011 – invention
In 2007 – oh see!!! my love of notebooks!
In 2006 – planning
In 2005 – I got a gmail account

Shave (but no hair cut)

Well last night I went to a punk show in a barbershop and I suddenly had the urge to get a face-shave. One of the barbers was game to do it after the show and IT WAS JUST THE BEST.

Woman in a barber's chair, having a straight-razor shave.

It was Dead. Fucking. Sexy. I smelled so good after I was wishing I had a clone so I could make out with myself.

Here’s a little insta video my roomie made.

What fun it was to gender play and have a little dudely luxury!

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In 2009 – a frustrated moment
In 2005 – alone time

Coerced Apologies

He would get very upset when I would say true things he didn’t want to hear, or didn’t like. He would demand apologies for them. Even though I told him that I wouldn’t mean it if I said it.

He wanted me to apologize for being true to myself, for sticking up for myself, for having any kind of self-worth. His feelings were more important than the reality of our lives.

Saying I was sorry made my life livable at the time. I’m not sorry. Even though I said I was.

On this day:

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In 2007 – I used to take drumming lessons!
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