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“He didn’t know that it was strange for the sight of one girl to inspire love to the point of tears for another, because Minette had been his only love, but there was no question that the sight of Mademoiselle Margot had opened his heart for Minette so it felt like it might leap out of his chest with joy.”

Chirstopher Moore – Sacré Bleu


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Say my name say my name.

Because how could I NOT quote Beyoncé for this blog title?

The older I get, the more often I hear my name pronounced as Tee-Ah-Nahh. My family has always said Tee-Anne-Ah. (In French, I usually hear Tyan-nuh or Tee-Yan-Uh).

I actually have no particular preference although the one I hear more often (now that I am so old) I associate with people trying to be all fancy or something. I’ve been trying to think about how I say it when I introduce myself but I think that thinking about it removes my natural impulse. Maybe the more I hear this hoity-toity version, the closer I get to saying it that way, and so that feeds into me hearing it even more?

Is this post the most narcissistic one I have ever written? (Somehow I doubt that).

Now, enjoy!


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Truly a child of the 80′s

I was born in 1981. Crimped hair was cool for a while but I never partook in the more daring of the 80′s trends (I totally had a killer side ponytail one time, as well as hot pink bicycle shorts though). I’m kind of excited that I get to revisit the fashions of my youth once again, as I choose to.

I have been dreaming of having crimped hair for a couple of years now. I have been looking for a crimper at all the thrift-stores I entered and have always left crimper-less. After a Facebook plea, Paige was all about letting me have hers. I was super excited and Shawn went to pick it up for me on Friday, just in time for PromDEMONIUM. If an alt-prom doesn’t call from crimped hair, I don’t know what does.

On Saturday afternoon, I started trying it out. I wanted to see how long it would take to do my whole head (about 30 minutes, with Shawn’s help to do the back part, but I think I could do it all on my own with strategic mirror placement) and see how long my hair would hold the crimp.

BEFORE (this is not a real before photo – unless you count before as being about 3 months ago, it’s just how my hair usually is)




This is what it looked like immediately after, with no styling product at all. Talk about VOLUME TURNED TO 11




So I went about my day, trying to avoid touching it. I thought I might have to re-crimp before going out, but I really didn’t. I went out and prommed it up and when I got back home at 2 am, it looked like this.




I super loved the texture and sculptability of my hair. At some point I figured out that touching it didn’t uncrimp it at all. I slept for a few hours and when the kids got me up out of bed, my crimped hair was still kicking. (Also, I was very tired)





I was worried that my hair would be super damaged, but really it was just one use. I rinsed out my hair and loaded up on conditioner and it’s back to it’s floppy smoothness. I feel like I would love to rock this hair super often but I also feel like it would be some kind of BIG EVENT if I walked into the office with crimped hair.

I wonder how else I can use this crimper to cool effect. Any ideas?

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On The Agenda

I have been working hard to find that right balance in my life; the right amount of socializing and alone time.

I love to say yes to things that are exciting, or interesting, or informative. Sometimes a bunch of said things are happening ALL AT ONCE OMG YAY! but as I love through it I get burnt out. I am not excited about these things and I dread them and want to live in my bed for a day or two.

Other times, I make sure not to plan anything, to give myself the space to recharge but then I get lonely and feel isolated and nobody-likes-me-and-there’s-nothing-interesting-happening-and-why-would-I-even-wear-anything-other-than-the-same-sweatpants-I’ve-had-on-all-week?

This is a problem I’ve identified over and over in my life and have been trying to ‘work on it’ to varying degrees of success for some time. I feel like I’m finally coming to a nice balance and I want to put out how I’ve done so far, and steps I still want to take.

Things that have worked:

  • I don’t make plans with people because I feel like I “should” but do if I feel like I want to.
  • Related to the above: If I have made efforts to spend time with friends and they can not give me that time, I leave the ball in their court. They are in charge of their priorities and I’m not going to stress about it.
  • I quit volunteering for organizations that don’t utilize my energy in productive ways.
  • I co-organize regular events in my home. They are the same events and run about once every 5 weeks and so are easy to plan and organize after the first few were done. It’s low-stress and a nice way to socialize within specific event-specific boundaries.
  • I leave some space in my schedule for down-time.
  • Really think about what are tasks that are NECESSARY

I was thinking today that I have been on a mostly-good stretch for a couple weeks now and there are only a few little things that I would have changed and so my thoughts have turned to how I can make those specific situations better for me.

One of the things I need to work on is gracefully leaving situations that I’m just Done With, this is easy in some circumstances (like, I can leave a party, no problem) and more difficult with others (telling unexpected visitors that they need to leave now, or maybe I could just go hide in my room until my housemates deal with that? I don’t know).

Another thing I was thinking about was Shawn and his agenda. If he doesn’t enter his obligations in there, they get forgotten and I rib him about it sometimes. But I shouldn’t do that. I mean, I do all my scheduling via my phone’s calendar. It puts all the events I confirm via facebook, and my google calendar, and my work calendar. It’s so handy! But I need to look at my time spent a bit more analytically. I’d love to get a really real paper agenda and write in the things I actually do and also to note in there any time that I am feeling like it is just TOO MUCH (things that feel like chores instead of pleasures) and also to note when I am feeling too isolated.

I like this idea. It MAY have to do with the idea of having a beautiful, colour-coded archive of how I spend my time… but I also think it would be quite the useful tool.

What do you do to achieve a good balance in your life? What are your metrics for ‘balance’ anyway?


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