I’m basically a reverse vampire.

Really it’s true, except for the sucking human blood part.

I recently made a post on Facebook about my worry about how I would cope with winter.

I am really worried about my potential state of mind come winter. I do not know how I will deal with so much indoor time

Will I need to take up winter sports? I did try snowshoeing last winter and it was fun despite the snow’s insistence on trying to suck my entire body into its depths…


But really, I don’t think it’s about coping with winter as a series of weather phenomena. I think it’s just dealing with how much DARK there is.

I was also thinking about naps and I just don’t take them. I feel so bummed about missing out on daylight hours to do something like SLEEPING. It’s really only acceptable to me when sick.

And in winter it is dark EARLY and if I’m already home, motivating myself to leave home in the dark is next to impossible. If I’m not home yet, I can go do night stuff no problem.

Well I’m glad I know this about myself now. I mean, I’ve known bits and pieces of this but all together this makes sense and I can incorporate that knowledge into my plans-making.


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in 2005 – the band was never booked, nor was the honeymoon

That stank.

I often miss living alone.

I like feeling like I have an entire space to myself to do whatever I like at any volume.

I like putting something in a spot and it not moving unless I move it.

I like the freedom of not being accountable to housemates.

But I ALSO super love living with my partner, and my kids, and my best-ever room-mate. There are so many benefits to living together the way that we do, and they overshadow those items above.

One of the things that I adore about being in an open relationship is when Shawn has a date and I do not have plans of any kind, other than with my self. He gets to go out and socialize and romance and do whatever the heck he wants and I get to stay home and blast a play list and clean out the disgusting fridge.

Seriously. It had a SMELL.

This song came up on Songza while I was cleaning and I remembered how much I love it!

This song came up on Songza while I was cleaning and I remembered how much I love it!

And then later, when we get the chance to reconnect, I’m in a better space because I met my own needs and Shawn is in a better place because he has had some new and stimulating experiences and we get to share with each other and bring a richness to each others’ lives that we wouldn’t have had without our time apart.

I love being social, in and out of my home, but I also love my alone time. It gives me the mental space to organize my life and to re-charge so I can be an active participant in social time.

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If we make it past the complicated part, things are so good.

Me on a first date – Totally just being myself.

Me on a second date – Totally just being myself, but maybe I’m also naked.

Me on a third date – Hmm maybe I like this person quite a bit?

Me on a fourth date – AGGG ANXIETY! I don’t even know how to be!!!!

~this is where things get complicated~


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I fell in love with low-level data management.

Remember how I mentioned that Terri and I are staying at a beautiful cabin for a weekend in October? I think about it every danged day. I am SO excited!



I mean really, can you blame me for being mildly obsessed?

I mean really, can you blame me for being mildly obsessed?

And then you know what happened? I started a shared spreadsheet on search-engine-drive and I love it sooo much. It makes planning something like this so easy and also hilarious because I get to write things like “I don’t even OWN pj’s!” or “Bring paper diary – It’s empty because the internet is my real diary”. We also get to do useful things like plan meals and make sure we don’t forget any necessities.

I think I need more shared documents in my life. Do you use them? Tell me all about it because I’m totally into it right now.

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Post-abortion recovery room.

I’m just going to go right ahead and copy/paste this from the description of Obvious Child on The Mayfair Theatre‘s website:

Not so many administrations ago, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and “Dirty Dancing” and a handful of other films dared to deal with abortion, off-camera and usually a little off the main plotline, as a medical option chosen by a sympathetic young woman dictated by the machinations of the screenplay, usually with the help of sperm donated by a dislikable supporting character.

Then, gradually and then almost entirely, nobody on screen had them anymore. “Juno,” “Knocked Up” and so many others took a pregnancy to term without many second thoughts, ushering in a narrower set of options. Few, if any, films of any size risked losing half or more of its collective audience (the divides falling along political rather than gender lines) by treating a woman’s right to choose as an acceptable storytelling decision.

In the last couple of decades, we’ve seen more portrayals of audience-friendly serial killers on TV and in the movies than we have of major female characters who terminate an unwanted pregnancy without being overtly punished or covertly marginalized (the gynecological history of Sandra Oh’s character on “Grey’s Anatomy” notwithstanding).

When I saw that this was playing at an independent theatre I could get to without driving, on a day that I didn’t have the kids and no other plans I shouted LET ME GIVE YOU ALL MY MONEY because really now. Abortions are a fact of life for many women/people with ovaries and a uterus and goodness I love a film that makes one reflect upon the human experience and you know, I guess most movies just forget that women are humans.

ANYWAY… Robyn and I went to see the movie and some things I read about it is that it is a comedy but it’s not really all that funny (but I am not the hugest comedy fan since I find so much of it to be oppressive – oh how I love accidental injury comedy though) and it even isn’t THAT compelling of a story. It’s basically just a regular life story of a woman who has an abortion for reasons. Her reasons. And that was great. Oh can I give that movie all my money again? Ok, ok I will!

The part that I liked the most was the scene where the lead character has just had an abortion and is chilling in the recovery room with all these other women who are there for the same thing. I had both of my abortions in a hospital setting and it’s done on a specific day of the week so all the abortions for that week happen on that day and everyone is there for the same thing but everyone is just kind of quiet.

It’s a kind of silent solidarity. A reverent moment. A safe space.


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I have a ridiculous need to publicly document my life.

I have an ongoing list of blog posts I want to make. Sometimes I get a bit worried that I’ll forget my inspiration for my meaningful writings. I guess I’m writing this right now to reassure myself that I have a list and that I will get to them when I will and that is ok.

Right now I’m floating on a cloud of happiness. I had a wonderful evening yesterday with all kinds of interrelated factors.


Shawn and I made dinner and ate together. He was inspired to make Yorkshire pudding and I made (honestly, kind of sub-par) roasted veggies and gravy. But it was nice to work together and share the meal. He’d been sick all day and we took some time to check in and have good snuggles.


Terri decided to rent a a beautiful cabin in late October and invited me to join her and I was super excited because spending time with Terri is super fun. It’s a good mix of silly chats, serious chats, and silence. Also I love nature love love love want to live in it forever but with toilets and a shower ok yay!


I spent some time with a newish lover and had nice chats and very nice Definitely Not Chats and then felt great biking home in the cool night air.


Coming home and sharing news of my evening with Shawn and cuddling into bed and having a really solid and refreshing night of sleep.


This is more about today but that’s ok. It’s my list and I make the rules for it. Checking out the website for the cabin and like, seriously becoming almost teary about how beautiful it seems and how wonderful it will be to spend a weekend there.

On this day:

In 2013 – ugh ugh ugh LOVE IS GREAT! But seriously (not that I wasn’t being serious). I have seen myself change and grow so much over the last 2-3ish years and I’m super happy.
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I’m pretty sure I can’t seriously date anyone who doesn’t have an interest in reading my blog. Bonus points if they read past entries from before we met.

On this day:

In 2006 – it was one of those situations where the next day I had so many better things to say…


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